Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Naked Ride - The Definitive Expose'

Lady Godiva - The Original Naked Ride

It seems to me that there is a lot of confusion out there in The Land about what exactly is being referred to with the titillating phrase, "Naked Ride."  It is time this problem was addressed.  Actually, it fell to me to write up the rules for all the Beach Sisters who were involved in this activity.  After 3 years of confusion, here we go.  

What do spanked wives do when they get to vacation together?  Well, first and foremost, spanked wives like to talk about spanking.  Sex might be a close runner up.  Anyway there is also swimming, beaching, reading, lots of good restaurants, moderate drinking, more talking, laughing, sharing, shopping, walking, implements,  husband appreciation discussions, laying by the pool, more moderate drinking, and finally - playing cards.

The first year we all traveled to see and meet each other (some for the first time,) PK asked us to all bring quarters.  "Poker!" I thought.  Hot damn!  Once I learned the game, though, I wasn't sure it could be counted as a poker variation other than we were playing for money.  Let me mention that while we all had lots of fun, PK is a better writer of spanking novels than she is a card game instructor.  Maybe one of the reasons the other women (including me) had so much trouble grasping the rules of the game is that, as we played, PK kept saying things like, 

                          "Oh, I forgot to tell you about this rule."
             I believe that this prompted Meredith or Sunny to finally ask, 

                          "Are you making up the rules as we go?!?"

"The Naked Ride" is actually a strip card game based loosely on the rules for "Thirty-One."  The rules for 31 are really simple if you are given them all prior to starting play.  You use a standard deck of 52 cards, and there is definitely some strategy required.  We were playing with 4 to 6 people, but you could probably play with more.  Of course, you can just play with your lover, too.  The object is to obtain a hand that totals 31 in cards of one suit.

Card Values -
  • Ace - 11 points
  • King, Queen, and Jack - 10 points
  • 10 through 2 - face value

Please remember that the only way cards in a single hand have any value is if they are in the same suit.  For instance, a player with a Jack of hearts, a seven of hearts, and five of clubs would have a hand worth 17.  A player with an Ace of spades, a 9 of spades, and a Queen of diamonds would have a hand worth 20.

Each player starts with 3 quarters, well, that is, if you are playing with a bunch of girlfriends.  PK explained that if she is playing with her Nick, they each have on a certain number of articles of clothing.  The dealer shuffles and deals out 3 cards to each player, and the player to her left is the first to play.  The dealer places the remainder of the cards in the center and turns over the top card, face up, next to the pile.  This becomes the discard pile.

That's PK in the middle changing the rules again.

The player on the left of the dealer chooses either the top card from the discard pile or one from the deck, and then discards one card on the discard pile.  A player who has 31 can call the hand at any time.  He or she just lays down the cards, and everyone must pay a quarter to the "pot."  

However, even if a player doesn't have 31, he or she can "Knock" rather than drawing a card.  Here is where the strategy comes in.  Even early in the hand, if the player thinks her score can beat the score of even just one other person, she can take a chance and knock.  The person with the lowest hand forfeits one of her quarters (or an item of clothing.)  Everyone else gets to take one more turn before all players lay down their cards.  Alcohol makes all of this more exciting and funny.  Just saying.

To figure the scores, the players select the suit that gives them the highest score.  The one with the lowest score at the end of a hand, puts a quarter in the pot or takes off a piece of clothing.  Here is one of PK's variations on the strict 31 rules.  If you are playing with your husband, at the end of each hand the winner gets to administer the number of swats between the 2 scores and can pick the implement as well.

With the girls, the game continues until all but one player has been eliminated.  Some fun-loving ridicule adds to the fun.  This is also a place where you can question PK if she decides to add another rule! 

OK.  Now fast forward to when all of someone's quarters are gone or all of someone's clothing is gone.  You get to play one more hand for as long as you continue to win the hand, and this is called

                                 "Your Naked Ride" 

seeing as you are naked.  What happens after you lose or win is up to you and your partner.  If you are playing with a happy group of other spanked wives, you pour yourself another glass of wine and carry on.  Unless you have had way too much sun and way too much to eat at dinner, and then you go to bed.


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

An Amy Meme By..........

My mistake.  This is a rather old meme that Amy gave us some time in the spring.  Just found it again. :)

1.  Age - Ella turned 3 years old at the end of April.

2.  Bed Size - Queen - Not too big, not too small.  Just right.

3.  Chore You Hate - Washing windows.  Uggh!

4.  Pet's Names - Pets from long ago - Dusty, Yum-yum, Fat Tully    (see below,) Aram, and Molly.

Sweetest Cat Ever - 23 lbs.

5.  Essential start to your day - Coffee, lots of it and black.   Exercise and kisses, too.

6. Favorite color - Green, especially olive, moss, and army green.

7.  Gold or silver - Both - I love to mix silver and gold jewelry.

8.  Height - I used to be 5' 6", but I think I am getting shorter!  And that sucks!

9.  Instruments you play (in your head or in reality) - Honky-tonk piano on the dashboard of my truck.

10.  Job - Very busy being retired.  Used to be a teacher.

11.  Kids - Two sons, no grandkids

12.  Living arrangements - Sam and I relocated from Chicago and have lived in the same house for 35 years.

13.  Music you love - jazz, country, swing, classical, Irish, piano.....the list goes on.  About 30 different Pandora stations.

14.  Nicknames - Spud, Pretty Lady, Ells, Ba-ba, Katrinka .

15.  Overnight hospital stay other than birth - Yes, but I don't remember how many.

16.  Pet peeve - poor service in a store or restaurant.

17.  Quote from a movie - "Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit 'em, but remember it's a sin to kill a mockingbird."  
            - Atticus Finch

18.  Right or left handed - Right

19.  Siblings - 1 brother, 2 sisters

20.  Time you wake up - I am a morning person for sure.  Even retired, I usually get up about 6: 00 am.

21.   Underwear - Always but never thongs.

22.  Vegetables you dislike - eggplant, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and cucumbers.

23.  Work out style - 30 minute routine - 5 days a week - weights, agility, resistance, cardio.

24.  Best dish I make - NOT a fancy cook by any means, probably meat chili.  I am a better baker than a cook.

25.  Best place to visit - London, of course.  "Ta for now, mates."

Monday, July 16, 2018

The First United Church of Spank


I am not a traditionally religious person, however, I believe I am  spiritual and pray often in my own way.  I even have little charms that I tuck in a pocket that remind to say a prayer for someone who needs strength to face what is happening in their lives.  Many of those earnest devotions go out to the people who read my blog.  Yes, you, if you need them.

Sundays are not for standard church-going around Sam and Ella's house, but it is usually a day we relax a bit more.  Maybe family or friends for dinner.  Work in the yard.  Sam blasting music and doing something with his hands in the garage.  A movie or a meal at a restaurant.  But all these Sunday activities happen after the clock strikes 12 noon.  Before then, I really couldn't care if the queen herself asked to come to an early tea.  (To our Brit contingent - no disrespect intended.)  

                                           No calls.  No visits.

                                            WE ARE BUSY!

Lots of Butter!

When our boys were young, we did what all parents do in order to have sex.  We made do with the time we had.  When the kids were sleeping.  Early in the morning before work.  Always being as quiet as we could be.  Thank heavens for grandma once in a great while.

Finally, we got the house back.  Oh, my god, that was such fun again!  For twenty years we had paid our dues, and now we could walk around as naked as the day we were born.  No, in case you were wondering, I never, ever had the "empty nest" syndrome you hear about. 

These days our boys know better and always respect our privacy.  Once, just once, Sam's sister, Patty, rang the doorbell on a Sunday
morning, and when we didn't answer the door, she used her key to walk right in.  It was definitely a case of "in flagrante delicto."  I was not  embarrassed.  I was mighty angry.  You will not believe it, but she was mad at US!  Later, Sam found some reason to reclaim the key.

So, Sunday mornings have always been holy for us since the boys moved out.  We may sit and drink our coffee or read the news feeds, but the whole morning is just for us.  And sooner or later we end up back in bed for sex with any kinky trimmings we decide upon.  For several happy years now, that has included spanking, and that has made our Sundays even better.  I really don't think I will ever again wish for sex without spanking. Not gonna happen.

Way More Fun

It's not like there is no sex on other days of the week; there is, for sure.  But Sunday is special.  I will spend some time to surprise Sam with some special lingerie.   In turn, he is very creative with spanking fun.  He won't tell me his plans, and that makes it all the more exciting.  Last Sunday he outdid himself.  When he woke up, I was already at my desk writing and drinking coffee.  He took my hand and with a grin on his face, he informed me that there were to be multiple spankings through the morning.  And the first one was to be over his desk.  Panties came down.  It was a good old fashioned hand spanking, but it woke up all those horny feelings and I smiled. 

Later, when I went to the kitchen for more coffee, Sam followed.  This spanking was over the kitchen counter with a tried and true wooden spoon.  By the time he finished this one, I really couldn't think about anything but SEX.

Off I went to hit the shower and pulled out this beautiful black bustier trimmed with cream-colored lace.  Sam loves undoing all those little hooks.  Just drying my hair when my guy came up behind me with a lexan cane.  Over the vanity cabinet I went.

"Dear god, Sam, please be gentle with that thing."

"Well, you are taking too long in here  Hurry things up a bit, Ells."

After just a few strokes, I was so amenable to his wishes. 

Very motivated to finish up my toilette.  Trying to imagine what was coming next.  He came to fetch me soon, and I was ready.  Don't know about the rest of you, but, if I like Sam to be the boss in our day to day lives, that doesn't hold a candle to the way I like him to be in bed.  When he wants me to be still, he will make it plain that he is in charge.


There were plenty more surprises, including very innovative   applications of both sides of a hairbrush.  I think there is a yin and a yang to that implement, and I am shuddering just thinking about it.  With all the happy fun Sam sprang on me last week, I am already wondering what he has planned for our next Holy Day.  No matter.  I'll be wearing my Sunday best.  Amen.


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Tally Ho !

Last week, Sam announced that Saturday was to be a "Ladies' Choice."  Now that term technically refers to when it is the lady's turn to choose a dance partner to twirl her around the floor.  Which also makes me think of the name they used to give certain awkward dances in middle school or high school where a girl was supposed to ask a guy to be her date at a dance. Think it was also called a "Sadie Hawkins" Dance, which for those readers not from the US, was originated from a comic strip called "Li'l Abner" way back in 1937. 

Oh, dear god, I do remember asking Sam to one of those dances sometime when we were 15.  My, that was a very long time ago.  To be clear, he had already asked me out by that time.  We are soon planning to attend a high school reunion, and I would really like to trace our steps back to where we went on those first dates and dances.  I am also determined to go necking in the forest district area where we made it to 3rd base in the back of a Buick during those hot nights.  But, I digress.

Several days prior to his announcement about a Ladies' Choice, Sam surprised me with a new toy.  He loves to give me presents, and I think he pretty much  knows that leather makes me happy.  If he is using the razor strap or a belt or a flogger, I can drift off to sub space and never want to come back.  Just about a week ago my guy came home with an odd shaped package and smiled as he put it in my hands.

I smiled, too, and as soon as my fingers explored the soft wrapping, I knew what it was.  Long, thin handle and a small, soft flexible end.  I ripped open the end of the bag and out slid the most beautiful black leather crop I have ever seen.  To me, the smell of leather is as stimulating as its snap across my backside.  The whole package.  The look, the smell, the sound, and the feel.

After a hug, I handed it back to Sam.  We just had to give it a try.  It was everything I hoped, and there was one happy Ella rubbing her bottom.  It leaves a very pretty pink mark, too.  Distinctive.  Much nicer than a paddle.

So back to our "Ladies' Choice" morning.  Sam asked what was my pleasure instead of keeping all the decisions to himself.

"Anything leather," I said hopefully.

My goodness, he laid out his weaponry at the foot of the bed, and I began to tingle down there in my nether parts before he even got started.  He took his time, and I enjoyed every leathery minute.  "Tan your hide," was an especially meaningful threat.  "Oh, yes, please," I thought.  The flogger doesn't quite have enough sting, but it is perfection on one's nipples.  The razor strap has always been my favorite.  There is a sting that burns on low and builds slowly to a warm fire on your bottom.  It's not like I never say "Ow" but I say it with a smile.

As far as his belt goes, there is that lovely moment when you hear a swish as he pulls the belt off through the loops of his jeans.  I think I hold my breath when that happens.  There have only been one or two times he has used his belt when we are actually having a "discussion."  It is mostly saved for play and mighty fine loving.  That morning, he used it well, without a hint of wrapping around my hip.  Takes practice, and Sam is accomplished.  I was already on my way to heaven.

Of course, he saved the new crop for last.  There is just something so freaking sexy about it, I think.  Like a cane, it has a swoosh sound as it cuts through the air.  However, it is more flexible than a cane, and I believe that is why the snap is so distinctive.  When it makes its connection on the bottom, there is a sharp, stinging sensation, very localized and more intense than a hand or a paddle.  Maybe it's just me, but there was definitely more of a feeling of total submission than ever before. Totally one of the loveliest spankings I can remember.  A short bit later, as I was free falling and my eyes were rolling back into my head, I couldn't help but thinking, "tally-ho!" 


Monday, June 25, 2018


I thought about whether to share this story for a while, mostly because I was so dumb.  The whole post reminds me of an episode of I Love Lucy.  "Oh, Ricky!"  "Oh, Lucy!"  If you knew the GPA from my graduate degree, you would say, "How can she be such an idiot?!"

Several months ago, Sam decided that we needed to invest in one of those self-installed security systems.  It's called SimpliSafe.  Sam likes gadgets.  We have cooking gadgets in our kitchen that we don't need.  We have  building and maintenance gadgets in the garage we don't need.  We have lots and lots of technology crap we don't need.  The only gadgets I do not complain about are the sex gadgets Sam loves to buy.  He just got one for me called "Starlet - Your NewComer."  Clever name.  And on the advice of a dear friend, there is something called a "TangoTouch" that is on back order.

SimpliSafe was easy to install and Sam spent several happy hours getting each component perfectly positioned and working.  He kept calling me to see what I thought of where he was placing the sensors, and I tried to seem eager about the whole project.  He loves it when I appear amazed about his latest "Presto Burger Press."

                                  Introducing the easiest setup ever. No drilling.
                                   No wiring. No tools. Just plug in your Base
                                     Station, place your sensors, and in a few
                                       minutes your whole home is protected.

There are sensors on all the windows and doors, and I will admit they are not ugly or intrusive.  You need to be sure everything is closed before you switch on the system.  Right by the front door, there is a keypad where you press the "Away" button when you are leaving the house and a voice tells you to exit now and other stuff.  When you return, you have 90 seconds to enter a self-chosen number code that shuts the alarm system off.  Then the voice says, "Alarm Off."

                                    Simpli Simple, right?  

When it is first installed, there is a grace period of 2 weeks in which to make mistakes as you learn all the rules.  I did make the whole system go off once during that time; the alarm was exceedingly loud!  Freaked me and the dogs out big time.  Sam also took the key ring away from me because I set off the little, red "Panic" button trying to find the damn keys in my purse.

After the grace period, both the live monitoring center and the local police are notified.  No one would really complain if there was a bona fide burglar, but they are not as patient with people like me that seem to have trouble with all things tech-related.  About 2 weeks ago, I did something really stupid.  I will freely admit it.  On my way out for an errand, I pressed the "Away" button, locked the door, and headed for my truck.  Damn!  Forgot my grocery list.

It hadn't been but 5 or 6 seconds, and somehow, in my head, it made sense that I could dash back in the house, grab the list, and be out the front door again before the voice on the system could even finish her blurb which says, "Please exit now.  There is a blah, blah, blah....."  And I did beat her message and took off down the road.  I hadn't even gone 4 blocks when there was a call on the Bluetooth system in my truck.  (Don't really understand Bluetooth either, but that is another story.)  The person on the line asked me for a password, but I could only remember our pin number.  Apparently that took too long, and the police were notified.

Sam was actually fairly patient.  I apologized profusely and admitted that I had done something really stupid. 

"Ells, I can't believe you didn't think it through.  You should have known that you couldn't 'beat' the alarm," Sam said and sighed.  He went on and said a bunch of tech stuff that went right over my head.  He was very serious, though, about not calling out the police on a wild goosechase and taking them away from their real work.

But then two days later there was a letter in the mail with a warning from the police department.  If this happened again, there would be a $150 fine.  So Sam lectured me some more, waving the letter around a bit.  I promise you all that I listened with deferential attention.  Sam seemed satisfied that I would be more careful in the future.  And I was.....until yesterday.

Coming home from Sam's Club (no relation to my Sam) with lots of perishable food.  As I put the key in the lock, I could hear the phone ringing and thought it had to be the painter I had been trying to contact.  The alarm went right out of my head as I scurried to the phone.  I was busy talking to the painter when the alarm went off.  IT IS LOUD, and I dropped the phone on the counter and keyed in the PIN within ten seconds.  The noise stopped.  I told the painter I would call him back. Instead I dialed Sam, and as the phone rang, I thought,

                   "Oh, noThis is it.  The police are going to come, 
                                  and Sam is going to kill me!"

There is a double meaning here, I think.

This time he did not sound so patient.

"EL-LA, how could you do th----"

I cut him off, apologized, and asked about how to notify the SimplSafe people.  He told me what to do, but the number was definitely not the monitoring center and I finally gave up.  However, there were no phone calls from the security company and no sirens pulling up outside.  I started to breathe again thinking I had shut it down quickly enough that I didn't set off anything this time.  Whew!  After about 15 minutes, I felt like I had dodged the bullet.

                                That was until Sam came home. 

He came in the front door with the dog.  He kissed me long and hard like every night. Then he took my hand and led me to the bedroom.  For a short time I couldn't understand what was happening.  Talk about dumb.  I even thought, for a second or two, that he had plans for a "just because I love you" spanking.  By the time I was over the bed, I realized this was going to be more like a "just because you screwed up" spanking.

"It was an accident, Sam.  I forgot.  I got distracted.  It's not fair to spank me for a mistake," I protested. 

"Not spanking you for an innocent mistake.  I am spanking you to help you to be mindful when you are leaving the house or coming home," he lectured.  "I don't want to pay a fine to the city, and I don't want a cop to be called away from his job just because you aren't taking this seriously."

There was no paddle, and the spanking didn't last very long at all.  Sam hugged me and told me to be careful from now on.  To think, slow down, and be careful.  Done deal.  I was still a little indignant about it, but I kept that to myself.

On the following day I had lots of errands to run and one outing with a friend.  I am being very honest here.  Each and every time I went in or out the front door, I thought of that spanking and I was exceedingly diligent about the steps needed to both activate and deactivate the alarm system.  And then I thought about that same dear friend who once wrote about the connection between the brain and the bottom.  It was true!  Everything I needed to remember was right at the front of my mind.  How does that work? 

That night I climbed on Sam's lap and told him that I was actually glad that he had spanked me because I remembered everything so clearly that day.  His brows furrowed, and he said with a smirk, "Well, I guess it's a good thing, but I really don't care one way or the other if  you were happy about the spanking or not.  Not my problem.  Just don't mess up the alarm again, Ells."

What did I expect?  For him to say he was so glad that I approved of the spanking?  That wasn't going to happen.  And when you think of it, that's really the way it should be.  He spanks, and I listen.  Done deal.


Monday, June 18, 2018

Ella's Bookshelf - Educating Jenny

I always seek inspiration as I start to think about writing a book review.  What's going to be my "angle?"  This time, it came from a book I started weeks before PK Corey's latest title in the Cal's Law series hit the shelves at Blushing Books and Amazon.  Was browsing on my Kindle one night after typing "Spanking Romance" into the Search Box.  Up came a 1000 choices.  I scrolled and scanned the blurbs of at least two dozen books.

Finally saw one that caught my interest.  Clever title.  Nice cover.  Hero's name was Cade Somebody.  He was handsome, wealthy, and sensitive.  Just hadn't found his true love yet.  Girl's name was Rachel, I think.  A troubled but true-blue young woman trying to find her way after a bad marriage.  I clicked on the "Buy Now."  Amazon said "Thanks, Ella," and I started reading.

Loved this title!

I read that night and the next night and the night after that.  No spanking.  I would get to a good part where Rachel certainly deserved one.  "Hot dog," I would think.  "Here it comes, finally."  Nope.  Instead of putting her over his knee, this guy would wash her hair.  Soon she would run away, drive like a crazy woman, and spit challenges at Cade.  I waited with bated breath for him to take her in hand.  Nope.  This insipid "hero" did not pull his belt through the loops of his jeans.  Wait for it, spanking fans.  He cooked her a pasta dinner!

I finally came to the end of my patience.  The little percentage of the e-book read that appears in the bottom right hand corner of my Kindle said that I had read 64%.  Where the hell were the spankings?!  I went back to Amazon to check the blurb.  My bad.  It said nothing about discipline or a man with an itchy palm wanting to teach the little lady a lesson.  It was a plain old Nothing Romance!!  I know that I had searched for spanking books; Amazon screwed up.  Would they return my $3.99 if I explained the error?  Probably not.  I thought about writing a review of the book that basically said "This One Sucked!" but decided that wasn't fair to the author.  The only thing she was guilty of was peddling this drivel as romance.

       When Is The New Book Coming Out, PK!?

Luckily just a short time later, Educating Jenny was finally published.  Now this is a spanking romance!  And well worth your $3.99, too!

Title:  Educating Jenny

Author:  PK Corey

Themes:  Friendship, Self-Development, Awakening

Main Characters:  

Jenny:  an independent young woman married to the town sheriff, Cal Bennett.  She is not only madly in love with her husband, she loves being a homemaker and part of his large, loving family.

Cal: is the sheriff of the town where he grew up.  He met Jenny when he caught her breaking the law while she was a sorority member at the posh, private college in town.  He didn't hesitate to paddle her bottom.  As he helped her become more responsible about her education and personal safety, they fell in love.  Cal is a firm believer in a solid domestic discipline relationship as the key to a happy marriage.

Allie and Lane: Allie is also away at the university and invites Jenny to share an apartment there.  They and their husbands travel back and forth to spend time with each other.  Lane is Cal's little sister and becomes good friends with both Jenny and Allie.

Jake:  is deputy and best friend to Cal Bennett.  He and Lane's relationship moves from good friends into something more.  Both are concerned that Cal will not approve.

Cassie and Sue:  Although these two women are of an older generation, Jenny looks up to them and feels welcome as a friend and part of their "river family."

Setting:  This book takes place in 2 locations.  It starts and ends in the small town where Jenny and Cal met and were married.  Cal's family, friends, and home are all there.  It is also the community where the author's Cassie series is set.  A good portion of this latest story also happens in the university town where Jenny and Allie live and attend classes.

Educating Jenny is the third book in the Cal's Law series by PK Corey.  The beloved characters from her Cassie books make their standard cameo appearances in each of the Cal and Jenny stories.  This time Cassie and Sue manage to not only land themselves in hot water but drag Allie and Jenny along with them.  I laughed out loud when Cassie admits, "How did we get this old and manage to stay so stupid?"

Back in the early 80's, there was first a Broadway play and then a
major motion picture titled Educating Rita.  I saw both and loved the mix of comedy and drama. The lead character is a working class hairdresser who views education as a way to escape her dull life.

Jenny, on the other hand, argues when Cal insists she complete one more year of college.  He even wrangles a scholarship to the University of North Carolina in Wilmington.  She has already escaped the shallow world of her well-to-do and unloving parents and revels in the simple life of being Cal's wife.  He sincerely wants her to see all the possibilities that an education can open to her, and she finally agrees to one more year of college.

Even though Jenny knows what Cal expects from her and she
understands her husband's consequences for putting herself in danger, she gets mixed up in the trouble when Cassie and Sue drag them to a college party with both alcohol and pot.  Later as Cal scolds her and spanks her, he says, "You know Cassie and Sue can get themselves in trouble at a Bible study."  What Cal doesn't know at the time is that on the night of the party, Jenny inadvertently made an enemy of an arrogant campus cop named Devin Pipes.

Although Cal meant for the spanking to be disciplinary, Jenny is just plain HOT for her gorgeous husband.  This gives Cal the idea that educating his Jenny might be a lot more fun in the bedroom.  Throughout this book, they grow more deeply in love as they explore their sexual fantasies.  However, Cal lets her know that he is "the one and only spanker in this family."

When Jenny tires of being harassed by the campus cop, she retaliates.  Matters turn much more serious when another law officer targets Jenny.  Soon after, Lane comes to visit and together they hatch a plan to rival anything Cassie and Sue could dream up.

One of my favorite parts of the book is when Jenny is educated about how a loving family celebrates Christmas.  We also see her coming into her own when the gifts she creates and gives Cal's family are so warmly received.  I just loved seeing her proud of a talent she never knew she had.

Just as Rita is transformed by her education in the play, Jenny comes of age in this book.  Educating Jenny begins with a girl but finishes with a woman.  The difference with PK Corey's story is that we know Cal will always be there to guide and love Jenny, even if that means warming her bottom from time to time.

                               Now that's my idea of romance.