Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Searching at Sephora

For the last week or so, I've been quite busy finishing up projects at work and preparing for vacation at home.  There is a garment rack up in one of spare rooms that I have dubbed "Packing Central."  Hangers with carefully chosen tops and bottoms are added or subtracted and little stacks of jewelry, accessories, and too many SHOES begin to litter the staging area.  In the bathroom are rows of small, travel-sized bottles to be refilled.  On the desk in Sam's office, all the electronics and charging cords are laid out.

Then there are the endless lists of errands and tasks.  Get one done and think of 2 more.

  • Need to go to the pharmacy before I can pack medications
  • Should probably get some extra cash at the bank
  • Haircut, for sure!
  • Catch up on the laundry
  • Where the hell did I put the swimsuits? 

At the bottom of the list, I added "Sephora."  I certainly don't buy all my make-up there.  I would need to get a part time job to pay for it.  Usually Target or Walgreen's is fine with me.  However, as the years take their toll, there are a few things for which I will spend a bit more.  Needed Bobbi Brown concealer, and since it was my birthday month, I also had a free product gift and mini-makeover!  Trust me, at my age, it's going to take more like a major miracle to make any difference. 

I was up and dressed early on Saturday.  Laundry was well on its way to being completed.  Sam was semi-awake and having coffee at his computer as I grabbed my purse and the list of errands for the day.

"Hold on there, Lady.  There's something we need to take care of this morning."

Sam is a bit too dependable when it comes to what he calls a "weekend adjustment."  Others of you might call it "maintenance," but Sam once said that sounds like something you do to a truck, not your wife.  So he and Mr. Paddle generally provide a reminder of the behaviors I need to keep uppermost in my mind on our Saturday and Sunday.  He talks and paddles.  I respond and make lots of noise.

"So what do we need to remember?" he begins.

"Ouch, kindness, yes. Ow!  Yes, kindness and patience."

"I'm listening...," he encourages me to go on.

"OK, yes, patience Um.... with the dogs and ....patience when I am
driving.  Patience, yikes!  Geez, Sam!  Ow!"  He was not the least bit upset with me, but my eyes were watering profusely.  That damn little paddle!

"And what else... how about thinking before we speak?" he coached.

"No. Yes!  No bossiness - no bossiness at all."

"That's one to remember.  Always makes for a better weekend.  And .....?"  Mr. Paddle paused for a bit, and I was wracking my brain.

"Sensible food - for sure, Sam!

"Bingo!" and he punctuated this expression with a few more whacks.  And then there were several rounds with his hand and some nice rubbing going on.

"I love you, Lady.  I love you and your pretty pink butt."  He pulled me up off his knee and the bed for kisses and hugs and one last smack on the bottom.  It is always this little moment that makes me feel most loved.  This little moment that I dreamed about for my whole life long.

Retrieved jeans and panties with a smile, but then I pulled a tissue and saw my face in the mirror.  My mascara had smeared and run from all those tears.  Good god ..... I looked like something from The Walking Dead !  

Later, as I wandered through Sephora, I thought that it is too bad that someone has not developed a "spank-proof" mascara.  Certainly, in my experience, "waterproof" is NOT the same as spank-proof.  I stopped walking for a minute and started to daydream.


"May I help you this morning?"  smiled this young woman armed with a slotted bag of make-up brushes slung on her hip.  

"Thank you, miss.  Actually, besides some concealer, I was hoping to find some spank-proof mascara.  I don't imagine you can help me with that."

"Au contraire, I would be happy to help you find something to fit the bill."  I followed her to a wide display unit filled with expensive-looking jars, tubes, and pencils.  "Here we are.  This one might do the trick.  Says it has a rating of 3 on the DGT scale."

"Sorry, the 'DGT' did you say?  I'm not familiar with that," I questioned.

"Oh, that must be why you can't find a proper mascara.  It stands for Damn Good Thrashing.  The numerical rating is to indicate the level of protection.   With a rating of 3, this one should be just fine for a hand spanking."

Thinking of my recent discussion with Mr. Paddle, I asked, "Do you have anything with a higher rating?" and then followed her to another counter with all the items done in pinks and reds.

She picked up a red tube and pulled out the wand.  It was shaped like a tiny little paddle.  "This might work better for you for several
reasons.  The wand has a special shape to really give your lashes lots of volume, and it has a DGT rating of 6.5.  This mascara should stay in place even when a leather or wooden paddle is used.  Even a lightweight flogger should be no problem."

I was just about to tell the girl to ring me up when I thought of a package that was on its way from a dear friend in the UK.  "So just how high does the DGT rating go?" I asked hesitantly.  "Ummm ... I think there is a gift coming from England."

"Oh, dear me," she said with a worried look on her face.  "The Brits are really round the twist when it comes to canes!  Does this person really like you?"  

"I think so," I said hopefully.

"Well, it is quite the most expensive tube of mascara in the whole store, but worth every penny if you expect it to last through a caning.  The DGT rating is a 10!  It is even guaranteed to be smear-proof in Category 3 hurricanes."

As I was driving home with the little black and white Sephora bag sitting on the passenger seat, I began to doubt the wisdom of this purchase.  The more I thought about how much it cost, the more I realized it could be one of those self fulfilling prophecies.  Once Sam found out the price of the little tube in the bag, there is a very good chance that the quality of the product would be tested in a real life situation.  And I wasn't at all sure there would be any effective consumer protection in place.

When I set the bag in the table, Sam called to me from his study. 
    "Ella, there was a long, thin package from the UK in the mail."    
                       "Were you expecting something?"

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to positive feedback between belief and behavior.



Monday, June 19, 2017

Don't Poke the Bear - Especially if He is Dieting !

Since I started visiting here in blogland, I think I have read at least 10 different posts titled "Don't Poke the Bear."  It seems to be pretty much a universal theme in "these here parts."  (That is a little cowboy talk I picked up from reading so many of Sunny's books.)  The whole concept of ttwd could probably be summed up in those four words.....don't poke the bear.

I have a dear friend who has tagged Sam as a "big cuddly bear."  That description really made me laugh!  I do love when my man cuddles me, although he would never use that word.  Might hear instead, "Comere you," with a smile in his voice.  There's a certain spot between the living room and the hall where Sam pushes me up against the wall for some loving attention.  If he forgets, I will stand right there until he notices.  It doesn't take long.

Even the "bear" part is OK with me as long as it means I am getting a happy bear hug, at which Sam is quite good.  A real bone-crusher can damn near lift me off the floor.  I love when he loves on me that way, and I laugh until there are tears in my eyes. With no shirt on, I bury my face in the hair on his chest and breathe in his scent.  Poking his chest, literally, would not have the desired effect at all.

But "Don't Poke The Bear" (hereafter known as DPTB) doesn't have a literal meaning, unless it is a game between a father and a child perhaps.  Most often, the expression is used metaphorically to advise or prevent someone from asking or doing something that might provoke a negative response from someone else.


Always on the first day of the new school year, I guided my fourth or fifth graders in understanding and adapting the Preamble to the United States Constitution to govern the way we would treat each other and achieve our academic goals.  After they proposed and voted on their own rules, I gave a short DPTB speech on what behaviors I would not tolerate at any time.  This may sound a bit dictatorial compared to the democratic introduction, but most teachers would probably identify with my methods.  Prejudice, humiliation, and ostracizing someone are 3 that come to mind.  The first time a child messed with the Holy Three, the Bear was out of the cave.  It didn't happen often.  There were a lot more rewards than growls.

Actually, DPTB is often a game between Sam and me.  I poke and the bear spanks.  My man usually enjoys this, too, but several weeks ago, the Bear decided it was time to lose some winter weight.  Somehow there were a few extra pounds he had put on during those months of hibernation.  Now, at my request, Sam is used to helping me maintain a healthy weight, and is quite sweet about it.  He is not quite as sweet, though, when he is munching on carrots and cauliflower instead of peanuts or chips.

Most every night, I am off to bed a good while before Sam is ready.  I pour myself some water, grab my Kindle, and head down the hall.  Sam comes in a bit later for some hugs and kisses.  If it is a work night, he might even say, "Lights out in 10."  When he slips into bed later, he will pull me close to spoon and pat my bottom.  Life doesn't get much sweeter.

Some nights I might bring a small snack to munch on as I read.  The other evening I remembered there were pretzels in the pantry, and I took 3 rods.  Sam met me in the hall and furrowed his brow when he saw the sticks in my hand.  

"Where are you going with those," he asked.

"To read, of course," I answered with a smile and here is where the bear-baiting began.

"Are you supposed to have those?" he frowned looking at the pretzels longingly.

                             What popped into my head was....

                         Thou shalt not covet thy wife's pretzels.

Instead, I smiled and said, "Yes, I can have these because I am not trying to lose weight; I am simply trying to maintain."

I did not think I sounded like a Weight Watchers Wise Ass, but apparently Sam thought I did.  He grabbed me in a bear hug with one arm and started spanking my wise ass with the other.  When I started laughing, he yanked down my pajama bottoms quicker than you could say, "Don't Poke the Bear."

The Bear had been officially poked, and my giggling just fueled the fire.  He most certainly was lighting a fire on my ass.  Way back when ttwd was new to us, I believed that a hand spanking was really lightweight.  Well, times have changed, and Sam tells me it is "...all in the wrist."

I was off to bed with a lovely glow on both sets of cheeks.  After kisses and hugs I settled in to read with a big smile on my face.  I decided to do a little research on the habits of bears.  As a public service announcement please pay close attention to the information below.

                 What Ella Has Learned About Bear Behavior -

1.  A bear's strongest sense is smell, and they can pick up the scent of pretzels from over a mile away.

2.  It is believed that bears "mark" a trail by clawing trees, and they do this to establish male dominance.  My bottom had been marked, for sure.

3. Finally, it is a well known fact that a hungry bear is a lot more aggressive than a bear who comes home to beer and peanuts.

                       Remember what Smokey the Bear says:

                            "Only You Can Prevent Ass Fires."  

Monday, June 12, 2017

This Is A Hard Meme For Someone With a Big Mouth!

When someone likes to talk as much as Ella, it is not easy to do a one-word meme!  I feel like I ought to put duct tape on my mouth just to answer these.  I think our dear Terps did this meme first, and I am not surprised.  Not sure if she wrote it or not.  For those of you that visit her blog, A Place To Share, you already know how sensitive and gifted she is at writing a whole post focused on one single word.  Always positive and inspiring.  So Ella will try her hand at this.  Hope you will leave me a comment today and ask me a question, too.  Then I will have an opportunity to blather on as I am so wont to do.

1.   Where is your phone?   purse

 2.   Your hair?  blonde

3.   Your dad?  crazy

4.   Your other half?   loved

5.   Your favorite food?   steak

6.   Your dream last night?  beach

7.   Your favorite drink?  beer

8.   Fear?   snakes

9.   Favorite?  sex

10. Favorite way to relax?  read

11. Your mood?  excited

12. I love?  Sam

13. Where were you last night?  couch

14. Something that you aren't?  patient

15. Muffins?   chocolate

16. Wish list item?   refrigerator

17. Where you grew up?  Chicago

18. Last thing you did?  breakfast

19. What are you wearing right now?  jeans

20. Something you hate?   calories

21. Your pets?   dogs

22. Friends?   special

23. Life?  full

24. Regrets?   September

25. Missing someone?  sisters

                        Ella says, "Dis posst wuz 2 shurtt!"

                    So here is some deep and serious Shakespeare stuff 
                              for your reading pleasure.


Monday, June 5, 2017

Ella's Bookshelf - Becoming Family

Finally, the long-awaited sequel to PK Corey's book, Cal's Law, has arrived.  And she took her fans' requests to heart by making Becoming Family a longer novel.  Fine by me; I was certainly looking forward to this 2nd book.  The author is very purposeful with her books in a series.  A good sequel has a plot that is part of a bigger plan, not just an afterthought.  Cal's Law had a definitive ending, but there was always the hope that Cal and Jenny's love for each other would go on, and we could be there.

Sequels are like good friends you haven't heard from in a while.  You grin and chatter away to catch up on all the news and events that have come to pass since the last visit.  Favorite characters, a setting you love, and, just maybe, an explanation to a question that wasn't answered in an earlier book.

Title:  Becoming Family

Author:  PK Corey

Number of Pages:  166

Themes:  Family, Sense of Community, and Belonging

Main Characters:

  • Cal Bennett - the young sheriff of a small college town.  He is hard-working and honest.  The girl he vowed to help learn responsible conduct is the very girl with whom he fell in love.  He is a hearty proponent of a traditional domestic discipline relationship.

  • Jenny Anderson - the rich college student who came to know "Cal's Law" over his knee.  The thing is......she fell in love with this sheriff who helped transform her into a fine and accountable young woman.

  • Jake Potter - Cal's best friend since childhood and his trusted deputy.  We find out in this book that he is serious about dating Cal's little sister.

  • Lane Bennett - one of Cal's younger siblings who gives Jenny her first taste of an honest friendship.

  • Victoria and Harold Anderson - Jenny's mother and father.  There's not much good to say here.  Her father is a spineless man who allows his shrew of a wife to wreak havoc on everyone she knows, including their own daughter.

Setting:  A small college town in the low country of North Carolina.  Many families live nearby along the beautiful river.

Before I discuss anything else, I want to share the wonder and happiness I felt as I read Becoming Family.  This 2nd book about the love story of Cal and Jenny broadens the sense of community in a very real way.  In the previous book, Cal's Law, the relationship between these 2 people was grounded in the college/town setting, but the two were most often seen as an isolated couple from the others around them.  

Cal was eager to help Jenny become a better student and a kinder and happier person.  He was firm with his expectations and unbending with the consequences for irresponsible behavior.  As for Jenny, despite her protests of his methods, the girl began to thrive and grow confident in her new roles as student and homemaker.  Both Cal and Jenny were shy about making their fondness for each other known.

This second book follows the first with hardly a pause.  Their love story is in full swing, but this time the reader sees the two in the company of family and friends.  We learn Cal has brought up the subject of marriage.  After he explains that Jenny needs to understand that the consequence of a spanking will be an integral part of their life together, he decides it is time to meet the parents.

Jenny is reluctant to visit his parents, and when Cal picks her up, she tries to tempt him sexually, hoping he will put off the meeting.  Cal's words made me shiver with pleasure. "If you don't stop," he paused, a low growl filling the silence, "I'm going to pull over and blister your ass...."  Oh, my....I thought.  What I wouldn't give to have Sam say that!

While Cal's family treats Jenny with warmth, encouragement, and instant acceptance, Jenny's rich parents do not reciprocate.  Her mother is a wicked crone who flat out tells Jenny that Cal is not a suitable match for her.  Believe me, this encounter between mother and daughter is tame compared with the intense climax of this book.  It is downright chilling.

My absolute favorite chapters in Becoming Family, are the ones that include Cassie and Tom and the whole extended family who live along the river.  In Cal's Law, there was just a cameo appearance from my beloved Cassie.  In this book the interchange between the characters is developed so much more.  Cal and Jenny are welcomed to Cassie and Tom's house for a barbecue.  There is a slower, almost pastoral tone to these passages, and Jenny hugs it to her heart.

In fact, Cassie plays a part in advancing the plot as she firmly advises Jenny not to let her mother ruin her life.  But there is a tenderness that leads me to believe Jenny will win a place in Cassie's "family" just like Allie.

Characterization was very strong in this sequel.  The spanking and sex were thoroughly graphic and well written.  Just my humble opinion, but I believe PK becomes a better writer with each book.  The scope of this book makes me feel safe in that even when Cassie's stories come to an end, there is a whole community of characters that will grow and love in this author's future stories.

                                             Lucky for us -

                                                         Just a Little Bit More -

Was very pleased that I had the opportunity to interview Mr. and Mrs. Duff again!  Thought y'all might enjoy the perspective as much as I did. 

Tom says that he voted for Cal when he ran for sheriff and especially likes his "straightforwardness."  Tom admires that Cal "sees his job as protection of the people he's been elected to serve.... that's the man I want as my sheriff." 

Cassie was slightly prickly about how Cal "fusses at me" after he pulled her out of situations in which she landed herself using bad judgement.  "And worse than that, he has no problem telling Tom, which usually leads to an uncomfortable encounter," she complains.  Cassie admits, though, that Cal does his job well but says his greatest strength is, "Definitely his taste in women!  Jenny is a doll."

                  Characterization - Ella says, "See wadda mean?" 


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Yellow Brick Road - Detour Ahead

There's an issue that pops up at our house every so often that always causes me to dive into a tail spin and think that maybe ttwd is just not really working for us.  When it happens, I monumentally overreact.  There is distancing from Sam, sometimes tears, and lots of silence.  Normally, with any of these behaviors from me, Sam would be patient and comforting for a time, and if that didn't help, there would be a spanking that would set things to right.  That's normally.

But it just doesn't work according to plan when I perceive that Sam is, indeed, WRONG about something.  Now this truly doesn't make sense.  I can admit that I make a mistake, but I don't want to think he can make a mistake.  The ideal HOH, the perfect dominant husband, is always all-knowing, patient, and sure of himself.  He is wise and loving and firm.  He knows just what road we should take on this journey.  I try to tell myself, "Ella, the real world is not your fairy tale."

Sort of makes me think of Dorothy and her friends all off to see the great and almighty Oz.  They travel down the Yellow Brick Road to consult the powerful Wizard about a brain, a heart, some courage,
and a way back home.  They are sent on a quest to prove they are worthy of these gifts.  When they return to the Wizard with the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West, they discover that the Wizard doesn't really have any magic power at all.  When Dorothy calls him a "very bad man," he assures her,

                      "Oh, no, my dear.  I'm a very good man.  
                                 I'm just a very bad Wizard."

And the Wizard is wise after all; he shows Dorothy and her companions that they already possess the gifts they thought had to come from something magic.

TTWD feels like magic sometimes.  The way it has changed our marriage and how it makes me so happy, but Sam is not a wizard.  He is a very good man, but he is not a very good wizard.  He makes mistakes.  After all, I am the one who came to him and finally spoke about my heart's desire.  He listened and learned even though it was not a natural instinct for him.

                    "If I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, 
                     I won't look any further than my own back yard.  
             Because if it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with." 

When Sam forgets to act as the HOH around here,  I miss it terribly.  I worry that he doesn't want that responsibility any more.  Do you remember when everyone in the Emerald City has to wear green-tinted glasses?  Well, that's me.  I see everything in our relationship through ttwd glasses, and Sam does not.  I feel lost and I want to find my way back home.

And then he is back and tells me how silly I have been to worry that he does not want to be my HOH.  Tells me how that will never happen.  How much he loves me and how I am the most important thing in his world.  How happy I make him.  How he would do anything for me.  How he loves to spank my bottom.  Then I know for sure that he has a brain and a heart and the courage to be my man and that those qualities were always there.  I just lost my way for a bit.  Must be the poppies!  And when he pulls me close in his arms and holds me tight, I close my eyes and tap my heels together three times and remember there's no place like home.