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Ella's Holiday Bookshelf - Rocky Mountain Christmas

Rocky Mountain Christmas

Aah, Christmas is coming soon, and I have a whole box of favorite Christmas books.  I pull it out when we are hunting for the boxes of ornaments and decorations.  There are a few books from my childhood and then many more from when our boys were young.  They all hold lovely memories.  Many of them I brought to school when I was still teaching to share with my students.  One special book of ours had no words.  It was illustrated in a comic book format and was wonderful before my kids could read.  They would
Love this Book!
"read" it to me and tell me the story of Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs.  I am betting that our "Across the Pond" readers will know this book well.  Great present for young grands on your list.

But if you are in the mood for a more grown-up Christmas story, with a little bit of spanking action for good measure, then look no further than our own Sunny.  Her 2 story edition titled Rocky Mountain Christmas just came out a few weeks ago, and, of course, it is on Ella's bookshelf.  I chose to write about the 2nd in this pair of stories.  Christmas and Cowboys!  What's not to love?

Title: Rocky Mountain Christmas

Author: Leigh Smith

Story 1 - The Christmas Cowboy
Story 2 - Christmas in Montana 

Number of Pages: 87

Setting: Winter on a Montana ranch

Themes: Small Town Christmas, Being True to Yourself, Mending Family Fences 

Main Characters:
  • Mary Jo Blanton - independent and free-thinking daughter of an influential, society-minded woman.

  •  Wes Parker - rancher and owner of Piney Woods Camp in the Montana high country.

  • Gran - Mary Jo's loving and practical grandmother.

  • Eleanor Blanton - Mary Jo's bossy, domineering mother.

  • Franklin Tyler Howard - Mary Jo's fiance - wealthy son of a business colleague.

This story actually starts in California, far from the high country of Montana.  Mary Jo is an independent young woman who is determined that her mother will not run her life or dictate her future.  Eleanor has arranged a "suitable" marriage for her daughter to Franklin Howard.  Mary Jo is not in love with him and calls the
upcoming union "more of a merger than a marriage."  She decides to derail this plan by leaving home right before Christmas  and enlists the help of her dear grandmother.  At Gran's house, a friend puts Mary Jo in contact with her nephew, Wes Parker, owner and rancher of the Piney Woods Camp in Barlow, Montana.  Mary Jo does make calls to her mother and to Franklin so they will know her decision and not worry about her safety.

When Mary Jo arrives in Montana, just before Christmas, she meets Wes Parker and is reminded of the Paul Bunyan of legend.  Piney Woods Camp has a huge U-shaped lodge as well as rental cabins.  She knows she is out in the wilderness when she hears elk bugling next morning.  Elks bugle when searching for a mate, and I like how this foretells the attraction that Mary Jo and Wes develop for each other.  She says, "it was as if he had a magnet - and kept drawing me in!"

Wes asks her if she wants to accompany him up the mountain on horseback.  Mary Jo soon discovers that not listening will earn her a very uncomfortable spanking.  This whole section of the story with these 2 people getting to know each other reminds me of a kind of dance between them.  Both are attracted but just circling.

When they both finally give into this attraction, it is a charged occasion and very passionate.  Mary Jo finds that spanking can be sensual, too.  I love when our hero tells her what to do during sex, but maybe that is just my kink.

As Christmas approaches in Barlow, Mary Jo is happy and looking forward to celebrating it with a small town flavor.  She learns more about Wes and helps him to truly enjoy this Christmas and put
things right with his family.  There is even a Christmas spanking to bring them closer.  I really liked that this story wasn't just a trite holiday tale with chestnuts roasting on an open fire.  It had some substance on its own.  The Epilogue at the end of this story is like an extra little Christmas present from Sunny. 

Thanks, Sunny!


  1. Sunny always delivers! I love both stories in this book, I wouldn't mind a Christmas like either of these women had!

    1. Yes, indeed, PK. Put that request into Santa. And mention my name, too, while you are at it. Dreaming doesn't cost a penny.


  2. Oh Ella, it is so sweet of you to post this review. So glad you enjoyed the stories.

    1. I love doing book reviews, Sunny. Thanks for the wonderful stories and a whole lot of sunny-shine.


  3. Hi Ella, I have already got these stories, I just couldn't wait for Christmas. I am a sunny fan. I think you are great at the book reviews!
    love Jan,xx

    1. Hello Jan,
      I love when you visit. I couldn't wait either. It's time to get in the Christmas spirit. Thanks, too, for the compliment. I am so glad you enjoy them. They are so much fun to write.

      Time to Start Saying Merry Christmas!

  4. Thanks for the review! It's been added to my "buy before Christmas " list!

    1. You will enjoy, Maggie. It is also time to start singing a carol or two. "I'm dreaming of a Christmas spanking, just like the ones I used to know."


  5. You do such an awesome job in reviewing books Sunny's books and they are already in my TBR pile but still love reading awesome reviews about them. ;) Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Aww, shucks, Cat. Thanks so much. Time to get busy on that TBR pile.

      "Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. Please to put a penny in an old man's hat."

      And please sit back with a big mug of coffee and enjoy 2 stories from Sunny. You will love them.

      Hugs From Ella

  6. Ella I love the way your do book reviews and had to rush to read Sunny's stories before visiting here. Wonderful review and wonderful stories Sunny thank you both so much.
    Ho ho ho from downunder
    Hugs Lindy

  7. Hello there, Lindy. I am glad you got to read Sunny's stories and glad you stopped by to visit my bookshelf. We love our downunder friends. Christmas seems to draw people together, even from faraway places. It also makes us look back at the year and appreciate all the new friends we have made.

    Sending Hugs Downunder,

  8. Hi Ella, I have been absent from blogland recently and just finding a bit of time now to catch up with some blogs.

    I love how you do book reviews. This is wonderful and I love Sunny's stories :)

    I just read your meme too, such wonderful questions! I saw others had answered your
    questions and just had to read your answers. What interesting experiences you have had! Though I have to say I'm glad I haven't experienced some of these! LoL


    1. So glad you are back, Roz. I do love writing the book reviews, so it is great to hear you enjoy them. These 2 stories will give you a dose of Christmas spirit.

      I was a bit surprised that people thought my experiences were in any way daring. Have never thought of myself like that. It has been fun to read responses from others, too.