Friday, December 18, 2015

Making a List, Checking It Twice

 Back in October, Meredith had a post that included all the nice things she does for Jack and all the nice things he does for her.  I thought it was a lovely piece, and it set me thinking about the little things Sam and I do for one another.  How do we keep the love alive and fresh in this marriage of many years?  What are the thoughtful things we do to please each other?  Besides I do love to make lists!

Things I do for Sam

  • Have his coffee ready when he gets up
  • Read to him on car trips
  • Make him buttermilk biscuits from scratch
  • Iron his handkerchiefs
  • Bring him something from the donut shop
  • Clean the stove when he has made a mess
  • Learn my WWII history so we can have discussions
  • Send suggestive/dirty messages via mirror, text, and email
  • Do kind things for his sister
  • Learn to target shoot both pistol and rifle
  • When planning trips, I choose places to see and things to do just for him
  • Never ask him to dance in public
  • Bring him presents for no reason
  • Choose lingerie just for him

Things Sam does for me

  • Greets me at the door
  • Kisses and nuzzles my neck
  • Takes out his "girl" for beer and hot pretzels
  • Helps me with tech problems
  • Tucks me in when I go to read in bed
  • Scrapes my windshield on cold mornings
  • Spoons me last thing at night
  • Grills and smokes my favorite meats
  • Tells me I am beautiful
  • Is patient with my music choices
  • Always helped with school projects
  • Builds beautiful furniture
  • Fixes almost everything!
  • Massages my shoulders and hip
  • Dances with me in our living room
  • Opens doors for me
  • Gives me "Just Because" spankings

It was very satisfying to get these all down on paper.  Sometimes we don't really stop to think how lucky we are.  I see so many couples, young and old, that do not seem connected or happy.  They rarely touch or smile at their partner.  That smile on Sam's face when he catches sight of me is worth more than any present he could buy me.  And he absolutely loves when I laugh or giggle.  When he pushes me up against the wall and gives me long, slow kisses, I truly feel like Ella Ever After.  Our own happy ending.


  1. Ella, I love this! Your love with Sam is just so sweet. You two seem like a perfect match. It's nice to write these things down, isn't it? Such a great reminder of the wonderful things you each do out of love for each other. xoxo

    1. Hi Maggie,
      There are fireworks sometimes! It is lovely, though, to look back at how the love has grown over the years. We are coming up on a special anniversary in 2016. Hard to imagine it has been that long. The last few years have been extra special.


  2. Very nice Ella - a great thing to do to remind ourselves just how lucky we are and what a good choice we made way back when.

    1. Wise words, Sunny. I think you and Ray are lucky, too. My goodness, the years go by so quickly. As long as he never stops kissing me, I am sure we can struggle through anything.


  3. Master and I realized a couple days ago that we met exactly 15 years's those little things that matter the most...wonderful list...
    hugs abby

  4. Ella,
    Such sweet lists! Wonderful to learn more and more about you two.

  5. What lovely lists, Ella. Do such sweet things for one another is a great way to build on your relationship. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  6. Such a lovely, beautiful list Ella, this made me smile :)


  7. Lovely lists Ella, we are all so lucky to be in these ttwd marriages!
    love Jan,xx