Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Book Report #1 - Cassie's Influence

As a former teacher, I can't tell you how many book reports I assigned or graded over the years.  Lately I have finished two books written by two of the women in this bevy of beautiful bloggers (alliteration is extra credit.)  The authors, P.K. Corey and Sarah Coltman, have both contributed nicely to our summer reading choices.  Since I enjoyed both their books very much, it seemed like the perfect idea to assign myself some book reports.  I was both an Education and English major, so I love to read and I love to write.  Sometime it would be interesting to examine why so many of us are teachers.  Mmmmm......?

If you are not or were not a teacher, dig back in time.  What were the components of a standard book report?  Let me see: title, author, # of pages, setting, theme, main characters, plot or rising action, climax, and denouement.  However, I have no intention of spoiling your fun if you have not yet curled up with the latest Cassie book.  This post is just to whet your appetite!
                         "Be sure to use complete sentences!" 
                          she says in her best teacher voice.

Title: Cassie's Influence (6th in the Cassie series!)

Author: P.K. Corey (the Great, I might add)

Number of Pages: 147 
Theme(s) fun, friendship, spanking with love

Main Characters:

  • Cassie - the sweet, happy, slightly madcap heroine of this story.  I think of her as the Lucy Ricardo of spanking fiction, and Cassie is every bit as loveable as Lucy!
  •  Tom - her loving husband - handsome, successful, and old-fashioned.  The ultimate HOH.  He keeps Cassie on the straight and narrow (most of the time.) 
  • Sue, Annie - Cassie's best friends.  Sue now lives close to Cassie along the river and can sometimes lead Cassie into trouble.  Annie visits from California. 

  • Allie, Ryan - young friends and proteges of Cassie and Tom.
  • Nancy - antagonist and general bitch.
Setting: Mostly Tom and Cassie's home along the river.  This volume in the series also features an island setting for a portion of the book.


When Cassie first met Tom, she was partying hard and determined to be the "bad girl."  Tom fell in love with her despite her wild ways, and gave her life some structure.  He expects her to act like a proper lady, and when Cassie forgets Tom's rules, he reminds her with some serious spanking.  Their love story and their marriage have remained solid through the years.  Cassie rarely stays out of trouble for long, and her loving Tom is always there to set her back on course.

All the Other Book Report Stuff -

Cassie's Influence is full of delightful subplots! 

Cassie wants to help with Sue and Steve's marital setback, but is unknowingly dragged into a plan that Sue engineers to deceive the guys.  Sometimes I don't think I like Sue that much. 

Then Cassie gets an extraordinary surprise for her birthday when Tom whisks her off on a vacation to a Caribbean island.  The birthday present gets even better with a huge announcement.

Cassie's young friend, Allie, finds out the hard way that following in Cassie's footsteps isn't always the best choice.

My favorite subplot in this book is when a new character, Nancy, decides to stick her nose into Cassie's life.  Adios, Bitchacho!

This book takes Cassie through the calendar of another year.  The circular pattern was comfortable and familiar - like coming home.  Cassie herself is such an indomitable and joyful character that I am already looking forward to her next story. 

Thanks mucho, PK!  Well done.  


  1. This is wonderful Ella! I love the Cassie books. In another blog life Cassie's stories were my favorite weekly pleasure! PK is great at giving us a loving DD story!!

    1. Thanks, Minelle. I do love the special relationship between Cassie and Tom.
      I would like Cassie to live on my street. What adventures!


  2. Ella,
    You were accurate and thorough in your reporting. Well done!

    1. Meredith,
      You were the one that got me started on the Cassie books. I devoured them. Glad you enjoyed the report.


  3. Thank you Ella for a great the Cassie books.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  4. This is so sweet Ella! I'm really glad you like the books and I like even better that you like Cassie! I'm so glad that my imaginary friend from childhood never left and now I can share her story with everyone.

    1. I didn't know Cassie was an imaginary friend! That makes it more special. We do all enjoy Cassie, and thanks for sharing.