Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Practically Perfect in Every Way

TTWD is the best thing that has ever happened to our relationship.  While we take it seriously, there are many times when things are going well that a little teasing brings us laughter, lots of lap-sitting, some playful swats, and maybe some happy love-making.  For the most part, this kind of light stuff happens after I buzz home from work.  

When Sam starts to ask about my day, he is also asking how I did with my driving.  I love to be able to look him right in the eye and say, "Practically Perfect in Every Way."  You know, like Mary Poppins!  And I like to deliver this message with a big smile on my face.  Sam might return the smile, but it doesn't mean he believes that I am anything like Mary Poppins.  He tips his head, and one eyebrow goes up.  I can hear him snorting about that comparison.


I do not come floating home holding an umbrella.  It's me and my speedy little truck (SLT).  Sam's question is about driving safely and being patient on the road.  He can't be with me, but he knows I will be truthful.

You have already heard about some of my failures in the SLT, but there are improvements and great successes, too  I have managed to have not just good days, but good weeks!  No horn, no swearing, no speeding, and no spanking.  Amazing!  I have, for now, stopped personalizing my anger when I am driving.  Sounds like a crazy solution, but I quit looking at the people in the vehicles.  I just pretend they don't exist. 

That slow car in the left lane is simply an innocuous gray Toyota.  The one that cut ahead of me and then slammed on the brakes is just a red pick-up truck.  The two cars who went through a red arrow to hold up the pack of cars who had a green light were only a little blue Honda and a big tan Jeep Cherokee.

I just deal with them like they are bees buzzing around my garden.  You have your slow meandering bees and your faster darting-around bees.  And you need to really be careful of those erratic,
aggressive bees.  It doesn't help to yell at bees or be aggressive back to the crazy bees.  So sing along with some music or listen to a good audio book.  Eventually you will navigate safely between all the bees and not get stung.  You can land softly at your own little hive and be practically perfect in every way.

It is also much better when the Big Bee, Sam, greets you with a cold brew instead of Mr. Paddle.  It is best to avoid that kind of "sting" if at all possible.

Ella - who at least for this week is
                          "Practically Perfect in Every Way"


  1. Well Done Ella, long may it continue!
    love Jan,xx

  2. Congratulations Ella...keep up the good work! ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. Practically perfect in every way - we could be twins! I'm fine in the car. I tend to take on my boss and fight with him. I should be in trouble for that sometimes. So glad you are doing better on the road.