Thursday, March 24, 2016

Weekend Adjustment

Throughout my work week, Monday - Friday, I usually stay on the straight and narrow ttwd path.  The days resemble one another somewhat, and I plow through the week adopting a certain routine.  Once in a great while, I do stumble mid-week.  It might be driving and I lose my temper.  It might forget to send my "PM Plans" to Sam before 4:00 pm.  But unless I get lazy or careless, I roll along pretty uneventfully.  I rarely get mouthy or bossy mid week.

Of course, this doesn't mean that a happy or silly spanking couldn't make an appearance.  Those are always welcome.  Teasing is my usual solution when I am feeling a bit peckish about having Sam pay some sweet attention to my backside.  Quickest way to land myself OTK is for me to make a snarky comment with a big grin on my face.  I have even done this with a visitor at the table.  Can usually count on paying the piper as soon as our guest bids farewell.  Life is sweet.  

But the focus of my post today is what Sam calls a "Weekend Adjustment."  I don't remember when this event earned that name, but it does always occur on a Friday night or a Saturday morning.  Once I hit the weekend, I kick into 

                            "Let's get everything done!" mode.  

I start making lists.  What needs to be done in the house?  What needs to be done outdoors?  What errands need to be run?  What kitchen tasks need to be accomplished so we are ahead for the following week?  Are there family events to host or attend?  Is the dreaded SIL coming over?  Basically I sometimes become driven, impatient, and bossy just in time for the weekend.  I prefer to think of it as being "efficient."  Sam just gets prickly about it.

Not only do I make lists for myself, I like to make lists for Sam.  And he does not like me to do that at all!  If he was going to make his own weekend list, it would look something like this.


  • Sleep late
  • Grocery store
  • Mess around with stuff in the shop/garage
  • Read
  • Watch a YouTube video on how to replace the firing pin spring on a Colt 1911
  • Take Ella to her favorite pub if she is not being a pain in the ass
  • Mess around with more stuff in the shop/garage
  • Have a few beers
  • Grill something - eat something
  • Watch a movie
  • Have sex

This is very different than my list for Sam.  So he instituted the "weekend adjustment" to address my sometimes maniacal moods.  Last Saturday, he slept late and I was showered, dressed, and almost out the door to tackle the world, when he turned with his coffee cup in his hand and said, "Um, we need to take care of something, don't we?"  This was not really a question.  Then, "Wait for me in the bedroom."

Since I usually know a weekend adjustment is coming, there is that Jekyll/Hyde reaction within me.  There is relief to know it will happen and that I will feel that re-connection.  There is also the panic that it will happen right now.

I went to the bedroom and saw that Sam had laid out the wooden spatula and the rice paddle on top of his dresser.  Mmmm...2
implements.  "He must have done that when he woke up," I thought.  He was along very soon.  Sometimes I hesitate to take down my pants and panties myself.  I would rather he did that, but he usually just says, "You know what to do."  A weekend adjustment is almost always over the bed.  It is not a happy or "just because" spanking.  More serious that that.  Some couples might call it a "maintenance" spanking or a reminder, or even role affirmation.  Sam positively hates the "maintenance" designation.  "Sounds like something we need to do to the truck."

He started with the spatula, and that thing is mean.  Sam talks.  I listen and answer or yelp.  "So let's focus on having a goooooood weekend.  What do we need to remember?"  

Between smacks, I tried to respond thoughtfully, but they came out as short staccato answers.  

"Ouch!  Yes, and no bossiness."

"Ow, damn it!  Also cheerful."

"Need to be patient.  Yessir!"

"No!  Yes, kind, too."

Sam says he wants me to think about nothing less than "stellar" driving.  

"OK, Yes!"

"No being bossy, either." (Did I already say that?)

At this point, there was a pause before he decided to finish up with the rice paddle.  "So let's think about staying focused."  Then that horrible paddle hit my sit spots, and I just started up off the bed.  Sam's left hand on my upper back moved me back down in position.

"Sam, this paddle should only be for really bad stuff!  It's too hard!"  Tears in my eyes now.

"Ella, who makes the decisions on implements?"

"You do!  Ouch!  OMG!"

He asked me to remember that.  As he finished with several more swats, there was a summing up.  "So, are we going to have a good weekend?"

"Ow, yessir, we will."

Sam touched my shoulder and then pulled me to him.  I melted into his chest and held tight.  He held me until I lifted my head off his shoulder to smile.  He knew that my mood meter for the weekend was set to "Patient, Calm, and Happy."  

                   It doesn't get much more "Ever After" for me.

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  1. Oh...I used to have a spatula in my toy bag....I quickly...lost it...and all spatulas in the kitchen are "hiding" ...they pack a big sting....but does sound like a great start to a calm and happy weekend...
    hugs abby

  2. Hi Ella, It seems like Sam has a list of his own written for the weekend and on it it simply says "Spank Ella"!
    love Jan,xx

  3. I hate wood - it hurts so bad. Wishing you a good, peaceful weekend - might want to think about amping down that list a bit. lol

  4. The word adjust to me means something minor, but Sam's adjustments do seemed to be pretty major! What's a rice paddle?

  5. Ella,
    Our men are very much alike. A toasted bottom means a smooth weekend. What is not to love...... from their point of view. That rice paddle looks awful. Jack loves the leather paddle. However, I think it feels like wood. It means business. OW!

  6. The weekend started early here. I didn't really want a 'reminder' but it turned out it was just what I needed. How do they know?
    Hope you have a happy, peaceful, Easter.
    Rosie xx

  7. Right now that sort of spanking you describe sounds like bliss. I am wondering when on earth we will ever get back to normal. Pretty soon I will be in full "you better watch it, Buddy" mode, and then things will definitely have to be sorted. But at the moment I am pretty much free-wheeling. Sigh.

    Hope you have a great Easter!


  8. Doesn't it all just work like a charm, Ella???! :) OUCH! It's all pretty awesome! Minus the wood... LOL!

    I got a chuckle out of your "Sam list". I spy some similarities with our men's weekend agenda! Too funny!

    In the end, on your end, Sam assured you both a peaceful weekend from start to end! Pretty great stuff! Thanks for sharing! :) Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  9. My agenda is much more like Sam's and Nick's is like yours. I must teach a seminar on how to relax and kick back - truly, I'm a master at it! But I've become great at the snarky comments. They are all in fun and Nick knows it, but at least they get him thinking about spanking.

  10. I start out the weekend just wanting to relax and do my own thing!
    I bet you two feel perfectly in sinc now!
    I'm with Sunny, trim the list! Lol

  11. I like Sam's start to the weekend...I do love my sleep. LOL Ooh...I do remember the attitude adjustments Matthew used to deliver! Ouch! Maybe you ought to find a few new toys for Sam that aren't so mean on your tushie. ;) Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  12. Ouch that wooden spatula sound horrible. got a rubbery one which packs a huge wallop. Think you need to cut back on the lists to save your backside.
    Happy Easter Ella and Sam, Have a good weekend.
    Hugs Lindy

  13. I hope you have a calm and peaceful weekend. I agree with others that perhaps an adjustment to your list might save your behind from future similar outcomes. :-) Hugs

  14. I am very familiar with the 'weekend adjustment', a similar pattern seems to work here. Sam obviously knows and likes the benefits of ttwd and knows exactly how to get results. I'm glad it all works well for you both. Happy weekend ahead!

  15. Sounds like Sam knows how to get the weekend started right. I like your name for it, weekend adjustment. I'm more apt to need the starting a new week adjustment. I can relax and let Luke manage the weekend but my lists and craziness begin Monday morning. As it's Friday afternoon...try to remember to ditch the lists! Happy Weekend.


  16. Ella, Sam's list made me laugh! It looked familiar! And I'm usually up-and-at-'em on Saturdays, raring to get stuff done! TBG usually wants to relax - unless it's something specific to him! I, luckily (?), have never been the recipient of an implement spanking. His hand is hard and stingy!!