Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hobbies - Check All That Apply

Most of us have something outside of work or our home/family responsibilities that we could call a "hobby".  An interest or even a passion that we enjoy in our free time.  Retirement seems to be the perfect reason to spend even more energy on those activities that give us pleasure.

A hobby can be solitary like reading or swimming.  Sam likes to be in his workshop building furniture or restoring guns.  (BTW, that workshop is where the infamous Mr. Paddle was born.)  I believe hobbies like these are restorative to the spirit.  Many times hobbies can be a social occasion as well.  I have lovely memories of all the wonderful people I came to know when I was active in drama.  I think it's great fun to go "junking" at dusty thrift shops and antique stores with a good friend.  Sports are wonderful whether you are a player or a spectator.  We love to spend time outdoors at a private shooting range.  You don't have to play football to love it.  It's fun for many folks to get together with friends, food, and drink to enjoy a game together.

We can relax and unwind.  We can nurture our creativity and improve our mood.  As we age, a hobby can challenge us mentally and physically.  We can meet new people and form important and rewarding relationships.  Hobbies can even be an integral component in fighting depression.  Life can be full of situations we can't control.  I see hobbies as something where I am in charge.  Sam may be the boss around this house, but when I'm baking bread, I am directing the activity.

The other week, I had reason to be filling out one of those forms/surveys that ask for your interests.  You know the ones.  Sort of like a really boring meme.

         "Tell us about your hobbies.  Please check all that apply."

 Well, I thought of what boxes I used to check or respond to when asked that question.  

                          The Vanilla Me of Yore.

                      Gardening              Reading
                      Sewing                   Travel
                      Decorating              Cooking
                      Drama                     Baking
                      Writing                    Shooting
                      Exercise                  Collecting
                      Embroidery             Antiques
                      Shopping  (Yes, that is a hobby, I say.)

Then I thought of what I might write today IF I could be my perfectly frank ttwd self to the whole world.  Of  course, this doesn't mean I don't still enjoy my old pursuits, but I've broadened my hobby horizon immensely.  

  • Kisses pushed up against the wall
  • This Thing We Do
  • Spanking, Paddling, Caning 
  • Making love as often as possible
  • Finding joy in pleasing my husband
  • Lap sitting 
  • Renewed interest in corsets and stockings
  • Flogging for pleasure
  • Butt plugs and anal play
  • Spooning with Sam's hand on my bottom
  • Skyrocket orgasms
  • Creative uses for kitchen implements
  • Riding in the truck with my hand on Sam's thigh
  • New favorite genre of reading for pleasure
  • Appreciation of leather in a whole new way
  • Conversions of former sweater drawers into toy boxes
  • Writing for a new purpose and personal satisfaction
  • Friends who understand me for who I really am
  • Realization of my own potential for happiness

Life has changed for me in ways I would never have dreamed possible.  Sam and I spend more time on all the pleasures that ttwd has brought to us.  Our old hobbies are still with us and we love them as much as ever.  But time seems to pass differently now.  The reality of who we have become and that we have carved a secret relationship for ourselves makes us look forward to every moment together.  Best of all, our new "hobbies" fill our lives with meaning and joy. 


I remembered a quote from the ancient poet, Ovid, that always made me think of the importance of celebrating what makes one an individual.

                    "In our leisure we reveal

                   what kind of people we are."

                     TTWD makes me one of the happy people. 



  1. Love this Ella :) The second list certainly sounds more fun yo me :)


    1. Sometimes when we are with friends and family, I smile to think that there is so much they don't really know about me. A delicious secret.

      Hugs From Ella

  2. Ella,
    Oh, you've made me think today! So true that ttwd has definitely given Hoss and I are own set of hobbies, just never thought of it in that light. Interesting!

    1. I had to laugh to myself when I was asked to fill out that survey. Very thankful for the gifts we have now. And the friends, too.

      Hugs From Ella

  3. I love this is true, we have two different sets of hobbies....we are so lucky to have that second set:)
    hugs abby

    1. Funny thing, though. Don't think they have ttwd at Hobby Lobby. Beats the hell out of decoupage.

      Big Hug for Abby

  4. Ella,
    From far, far from home, I write to say I love your post. I am so different than I was just four years ago. If changing a long marriage into something to be cherished, then that is a wondrous hobby indeed. I loved your post.
    Looking forward to time next month,

    1. Doesn't matter how far away our blogging friends are. They have such big hearts, I think I can hear it beating across the miles.


  5. Life is ever changing and it's interesting to look back and realize how much we change, one step at a time.

    1. That is so astute, Sunny Girl. I am very glad that I am in the place I am right now. Too bad we can never slow down time.


  6. Aww Ella...this post really made me smile. If you and Sam ever make it to my neck of the woods, I've got lots of guns we can shoot. I love to go "junking" also and attend garage sales, auctions, etc so we can also do that...lots of good places around here. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I am so happy to have you in my life, Cat. You don't realize the smiles you bring to so many. And, yes, we are planning a road trip, and you will surely be one of our stops, my friend. That would be so much fun, Cat. We love to go to new ranges. Sam won't go junking, but he will happily wait for us at a nice pub!

      Hugs and Smiles From Ella

  7. Very nice Ella! I especially like the new list (not that I don't like your old list,! :)

    1. Thank you, Lilli. I feel very lucky that ttwd is in our lives, and that I finally found the courage to bring it to the table with Sam.

      Hugs From Ella

  8. I still like my old hobbies but spend more time on the new ones. Interesting post, Ella.
    Rosie xx

    1. Good on you, Rosie. It is such a special feeling for me to be my true self with this circle of bloggers. Truly a blessing.

      Hugs Across the Pond,

  9. OH this is how i felt some time back when I was thinking about what i would do if i had a week off work. I would grab BIKSS and hole up in a room in another country, explore the sights and markets (cos I still love new places and wandering around bazaars) but a lot of that week would be spent kneeling, sitting on his lap, being kinky in bed and talking about the dynamic we have and continuing to explore it together.

  10. Another excellent post! I too love and enjoy many hobbies but I agree that it is the ones entwined with ttwd that are most consuming and by far the most satisfying!