Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ami's Questions and Ella's Answers

Have you ever, ever, ever in your long-legged life.

1  Stood on top of a very high mountain or cliff, looking down at countryside, or out to sea?

Yes, I have.  It felt like God was tapping on my shoulder.

2  Lay on your back on a hot summer's night, listening to the crickets chirping, and watching the satellites as they chase each other across the heavens?

I loved to do that as a child.  I have also done it up in the mountains far away from the city lights.  It is incredible to see that many stars.

3  Skinny-dipped at midnight?

Unfortunately, no.  I have always wanted to, though. 

4  Intentionally or inadvertently swum with sharks?

Yikes, no!  I did swim among a huge invasion of jellyfish.  I was too young to realize there could have been any danger.

5  Broken a bone in your body?

I have never broken my own bone, but one of my students broke my little toe.  I was walking in back of his chair, and he jerked it up and back to get up.  He did not do this on purpose.  A really sweet kid.

6  Driven a car at speeds in excess of 120 mph? (yes, I know it's illegal, but the motorway was very quiet at the time)

No way!  I am such a chicken about driving fast.  If Sam is driving faster than I like, he gets annoyed when I start gripping my seat.

7  Played "Pooh Sticks"?

Yes, on a camping trip to Arkansas.  However, I also fished from the same bridge.  I loved letting my worm and hook drift out the other side.

8  Run in a "Pancake" race?

Had to look that up online, Ami.  Sounds silly and fun!  Have never done that, though.  Kind of like Guy Fawkes Day.  Just not a North American tradition.

9  Had your eyelashes dyed?

Tried to do this myself back in high school.  I got the dye in my eye and almost had to go to the hospital.  My dad threw the bottle and brush in the trash.

10  Ridden a horse naked?

No, but I definitely want to hear about when you did, Little Ami!

11  Punted down the River Cam? (or any other river)

Did some rowing on a gentle stream in Wisconsin, but only put the oar down to the bottom to get on and off the shore.

12  Played tennis in a short white tennis skirt whilst wearing minimal knickers?

Tennis is not my game, but I know Sam would be interested in any sport in which a woman was bending over wearing minimal knickers.

13  Helped an inebriated husband up the stairs at 2 in the morning?

Not up the stairs, but I once found him drunk and sleeping in the hammock in the backyard at 3:00 am in the morning.  He finished his MBA and celebrated with the people in his study group.  The dog barked to be let in, but I could not find Sam anywhere.  When I finally located him in the dark, I decided to just leave him there.

14  Been too scared to get out of a swimming pool whilst on holiday, due to a very large Doberman sitting on the edge watching you? (no-one was around at the time)

The only time I remember being scared to get out of the pool was when the top of my bikini came off.

15  Sat in a deckchair snoozing happily whilst the sound of leather on willow echoes distantly in your ears?

Had to look that one up, too!  Cricket, right?  Once I read "leather" and "willow" I thought maybe it had to do with spanking outdoors.  See where my mind runs.

16  Taken a ride on the Maid of the Mist under the Niagara Falls?

No, but we did drive by on our honeymoon.  We were headed from Canada toward Watkins Glen, NY, for racing.

17  Climbed up something - rockface, climbing wall, rope in a sports hall, long ladder, tree - and been too scared witless to climb back down?

Yes, the ladder to the high dive at an Olympic pool.  I was then too scared to dive.

18  Been too liberal with the "Eau de Cologne" which then ran down where it shouldn't, which in turn caused you to hop madly around and rip your knickers off and throw them as far from you as you could?

Not in the knicker area.  However, I did pick up the wrong tube on my dresser once and sprayed perfume in my mouth.  God, it was awful.

19  Made snow angels?

Yes, of course.  We made whole families of angels.  And forts and snowmen and one time an igloo.

20  Lost a shoe in a ploughed field on a moonlight walk home after a party?

Nope, but lost a boot in a muddy ditch.

21  Shrieked loudly, due to being spanked hard, and frightened away a visitor/s who turned and ran back down your drive - and now you never will know who was about to knock on your door. And you are desperately hoping they will never ask...

No, and this story sends chills up my spine!  I am too noisy.  If the dogs see Sam take my hand and say, "Come along," they find someplace to hide.



  1. Oh Ella, I am noisy too and I am positive the neighbours must hear us as we live in a semi detached!
    love Jan,xx

  2. Love your answers! I think it was a good idea to let sleeping husbands lie!

    Go by tomorrow and read Cassie's answers.

  3. Great answers Ella...I can see leaving Sam in the hammock. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  4. Great answers Ella. Funny you found Sam asleep in the hammock, good idea to leave him there.
    Lindy x

  5. Enjoyed reading your answers. lol at your answer to cricket, it does sound a bit like that!

  6. Hi Ella, this was fun to read. Loved your answers! Funny finding Sam in the hammock lol. I don't blame you being too scared to dive, I wouldn't have climbed up to start with! lol


  7. Loved reading these.....and loved all you comments, especially the first one.
    hugs abby

  8. Terrific answers - I have to do this. Thanks to you and Ami.

  9. So fun! I enjoyed your answers. :-) Hugs