Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Joy of Spooning

For this little ttwd wife, the joy of spooning rates right up there with the joy of sex.  If you are old enough, you might remember the 1972 book titled The Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort.  It caused quite a stir at the time.  Today, it wouldn't even get a 2nd glance.  There are far more controversial topics on the front of Cosmo every month. 

So when you think about the joy of spooning, it's pretty tame stuff, and it doesn't get the attention it deserves.  It's every bit as versatile as sex.  I maintain that it is more so!  Not better, just versatile.

Let's start with spooning in its most innocent form.  Any of you who had kids must remember tucking an infant in close to you after you fed them, breast or bottle.  You were so hoping that they would go back to sleep, so you could, too.  Even if they made little snuffily noises, you knew they loved how warm and cozy it was.  You may have even been the spooner with a sick or frightened child or a new puppy.  Spooning makes you feel safe and cared for.  Sometimes, with Sam, it can just be a way for him to say he loves me.

Of course, spooning isn't limited to the nighttime.  Just like a little"Afternoon Delight", spooning is nice in the daytime, too.  If you don't need to jump out of bed, it's SO nice to spoon in the morning.  One or both of you may just doze back off to sleep for a while.  I remember once I carefully wiggled into a spooning position with Sam, and he never even woke up.  That is called "Spooning Without Prior Knowledge." 

Finally (and my favorite) comes spooning for consenting adults.  First off, let's talk about designating the roles of spooner and spoonee.  I have tried to be the spooner (especially on cold winter nights), but it does not work quite right.  Sam is bigger than I am, and it just doesn't feel cozy.  Besides, to be perfectly frank, I like spooning when his parts are nestled up against my bottom.  That's how I can predict just what kind of spooning it's going to be.  If it directly comes after sex, then spooning usually means any or all of the following:

1.)  I love you
2.)  That was fantastic! 
3.)  Goodnight OR 
4.)  I'm glad you are my girl.

When we used to have more arguments, spooning could just be a way to forgive each other and not go to sleep mad.  With luck, it could precede make-up sex.  But even without sex, it's WAY better than the two of you sleeping all the way over on your side of the bed.

Thankfully, we don't fight nearly as often now.  A spanking usually precludes any hateful words and works like magic to make me feel submissive and grateful that Sam has taken charge.  There is nothing like spooning after a spanking.  My bottom is stinging and warm.  If Sam has totally forgiven me, he will put his hand gently on my ass and maybe rub a bit.  And so to conclude this treatise on this close cousin of cuddling, let's finish with the absolutely best kind of spooning.  It's when Spooning may lead to Forking!


  1. Aw very cute post, I love Spooning too!!
    love Jan,xx

    1. Thank you, Jan. I love your comments. Tell us how you spoon. It is my favorite way to fall asleep.

      My David Austin roses are in bloom! I love how they smell like the old cabbage roses. The biggest one I have is "Mary Rose" named after Henry the VIII's flagship.

      Hugs across the pond, dear lady!

  2. Ella,
    Great post! We open our plantation shutters and spoon looking at the starry night! One of our best times of the day! Unless it is rainy!

    1. Meredith,
      A note from you is always welcome. I love to spoon when the moon is shining in our bedroom window.

      I have always had a fantasy of being in a beach house on the ocean and listening to the waves. In my fantasy there are also lace curtains. Spooning is the best way to say good night.

  3. Spooning is THE BEST! I love the early morning spoon when we're still sleepy. I think that's my favorite. And oh - spooning without prior knowledge- hahahahahahaha!! That was perfect! I have done that one myself and now I will laugh a little inside the next time, since I know what it's called. I've tried to be the big spoon but I'm so little compared to The Big Guy that it doesn't work right. I definitely like to be the little spoon. Or spoonee. Lol

  4. I absolutely love spooning! I used to not be able to sleep unless we were spooning. I had a laugh at the spooning leads to forking... that it does sometimes!