Sunday, June 21, 2015

Good Girl Finally!

For a long time after Sam became my HOH, there were only 2 kinds of spankings.  Of course the most serious ones were to address my breaking a rule.  Being disrespectful or bossy could also land me over the bed.  The other kind of spanking was much more erotic, seeing as it led to wonderful sex.  But for a long time I really yearned for just a happy, playful meeting of the hand to ass.

After almost a year and a half, I finally discovered how to get a good girl spanking!  Very happy Ella!
One night I had planned to do an errand after work.  It was a long, long day, and I was worn out.  I thought about getting the errand done, and I thought about sitting in Sam's lap.  My truck just went on auto pilot and took me straight home.

When I walked in there was a momentary disappointment because we had a friend stop by for a beer.  But then I realized how glad I was to see him and really enjoyed the talk and laughter.  Somewhere along there, Sam asked me to do something.  He said it very nicely, and normally I would have said, "Sure."  But I was feeling silly, so I just smiled and laughed and said, "You're not the boss of me."  Sam smiled and laughed, too.  He pointed his finger at me with The Look on his face, except he was grinning a mile wide.  "Well, we will discuss that later."  Our friend just laughed, too, and we kept talking and having fun.

When our friend left, I started tidying up the kitchen.  Sam closed the front door despite it being a wonderful mild evening.  He turned to me with a big smile and said, "So I am not the boss, huh?"  I started laughing again, but Sam took my arm and started down the hallway.  "No, you can't really mean this."  He was smiling but
determined.  He left me by the bed and reached into his dresser.  I still couldn't stop laughing.

"Over the bed.  You know the drill."  I did unbutton my pants but just stood there.  My goofiness just wouldn't let up, and I still didn't believe he was really going to spank me.  When he pulled my panties down and pushed me down on the bed, I was laughing so hard that it was coming out in a snort once in a while.  Not very feminine, but I was out of control.

Paddle says, "It's Fun."  It is Not!
When the paddle started, it only took a few swats before I punctuated the hilarity with very real protests and pleading.  Sam was trying to be all stern and Hoh-ey, but he was cracking up, too.  "So, let's talk about who is the boss."  After the paddle really got going, I started to give in.  

I told him, "You are! You are!  So sorry!  Yessir!  You are the boss!"  When a laugh would sneak out, the strokes came harder. Yikes!

When it was finally over, Sam helped me stand and hugged me so close.  We were both still laughing and he was holding my bottom.  Yes, he is the boss of me, and it is truly freaking wonderful!

Happy Ella Loves Her Boss Man


  1. Oh Ella, how lovely. To be honest,most of our spankings are filled with laughter. These are great spankings to receive :)
    love Jan,xx

  2. Thank you, Jan! I visit your blog all the time and have started reading some of your archives. I feel I get to know you better every post.

    love across the pond,

  3. Ellla,
    These are the spankings I love and crave............ bare and loving, his hand and my bottom all meeting together!

  4. Such a cute story Ella...the silliness and teasing are such a wonderful part of any relationship aren't they. Thanks for sharing. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  5. Hi Cat,
    Thanks for visiting. Your comments are always lovely. I am trying to add your blog to my Blog List, but am not succeeding. I will keep trying!

    Determined Ella

  6. These are the very best kinds of spankings! But not always very frequent round here either! Is your paddle really like that one in the picture? Ouch!

    I dare not tell you how many times I start off laughing and giggling and then suddenly realise that the spanking is hurting too much, and then I start to grovel! Strangely, Dan carried on regardless. Funny that!


    1. Ami,
      Yes, that is really the paddle. Sam has a collection of paddles, including the one he made, Mr. Paddle. That's the one that sounds like your Little Nipper.

      Sam found the "It's Fun" paddle while we were traveling in Texas, and everything in Texas is BIG!


  7. These kind of spankings are great! The loving playfulness makes everything right!