Sunday, June 7, 2015

This Thing Called Work (ttcw) and MeMe Request

Lately, I have been quite excited about writing new posts for my blog and reading as many of yours as possible.  I am learning that finding the extra hours can be challenging.  I still work full time, and I am not a person who can get along on less than 8 hours of sleep.  Of course, I also treasure my time with Sam.  Chores, family events, time in my garden, and now Outlander (I am officially hooked) are all vying for the precious little free time in my life.  Last week, I was joking with Sam that "this thing called work" was interfering with "this thing we do."  He was not really sympathetic.  

Before I leave for work, I may print off several posts from all of you.  I have been using spare minutes and hastily written Post-It notes to get down ideas or respond to some of you.  When I need to use the shuttle bus around the huge complex where I work, I can sometimes get part of a post scribbled out before I reach my destination.  There are down times of 10 minutes that occur on certain days.  That's been time enough to jot down a comment or ideas for a future post.

The biggest chunk of time I have is very early morning.  I am definitely a morning person and Sam is not.  It's dark and quiet and it feels good to be alone at that time of day.  Brewing a pot of coffee and feeding the dogs come first.  After that I am on the computer, getting to know all of you.  I do have lovely vanilla friends, but there is something special about writing the posts or sending letters to a few of you that makes me so happy.  I think it is feeling that I am part of a community of women like me.

For so many years I never admitted I was different, not even to Sam.  Even when we started dd/ttwd, there was just the 2 of us.  Now, my writing and yours, too, brings satisfaction, strength, and humor to my life.


Would really appreciate someone sending me a good Me-Me.  During my Lurker days, I loved reading them.  "Oh, she sounds so nice" or "OMG, she's funny."  When I google them online, they are just so lame.  Even if you can only direct me to some good ones, that would be such a help.

Ella Ever After


  1. Ella,
    PK has a meme up this morning. Take a look.
    Are those really your notes?

    1. Meredith,

      Found PK's meme and will use it soon! No, those are not my real notes. I always scribble on yellow legal pads. When I was teaching, I would write master unit files on yellow paper. When that unit rolled around the following year, my yellow pages captured every little thought that I wanted to use to tweak the unit before teaching it again.

      Now my yellow pages capture the notes from the doctors for whom I work. And just lately, my ideas for future posts! Sam says that I will plan my own funeral on yellow paper.


  2. I have a ton in my archives - I'll look as soon as school's out. I'm coming up on my 9th anniversary here. I fully remember being so very excited when I found this community. It was during the summer and I jumped in with both feet! When I had to go back to school it nearly killed me not to have my days to read and write and visit. I survived - just barely. But I always had my note pad with me and like you I was writing every minute I could.

  3. PK,

    It makes me so happy to hear you did this, too. Congrats on finishing another year really soon. There is nothing like that feeling with the whole summer in front of you. I so love my second career, though. I am very lucky.

    I will write again soon. There are questions I have for you about your writing. Thank you for making me feel so welcome.


  4. Love your posts! I can only guess at a work complex so large you need a shuttle! Good grief!

    It is so difficult sometimes finding time to sit and read and comment on blogs. I love doing it, but of late it has seemed easier to scale Everest due to all the "life" stuff getting in the way. I'll bet we all have some good memes scattered around our blogs if you are interested. I am going to do PK's last meme re husbands. It sounded so interesting.


  5. Thanks Ami. We have all missed you. I want to do PK's meme, too. And I want to read about all the other HOHs. It will be appreciate your HOH Month!

    Hugs back to you,

  6. I don't follow the rules of memes very well so don't do very many but do love reading them. Thanks for sharing a bit about your learning about fellow bloggers. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat