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Repost - Ella's October Bookshelf - The Doctor and the Rancher

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Another good book to tell you about.  This is a book by Leigh Smith.  It makes me happy to know that I was reading this author long before I ever even read any blogs!  So when I got to know Sunny at Aimless Ramblings a bit, I was surprised to find out that I had read so many of her books already.  Some of my favorites were The Star-Crossed Cowboy, At the End of the Rainbow, and the Love on the Ranch set of 4.  You can bet your boots I have a real penchant for cowboy spanking books.  Imagine how pleased I was when a brand new book, The Doctor and the Rancher, from LSF Publications came out end of August.

Title: The Doctor and the Rancher

Author: Leigh Smith

Number of Pages: 131

Themes: Change, Trust, Family, Smalltown, USA

Setting: Double Pines Ranch, Carsonville, Montana - a small town in ranching country, population 2000.

Main Characters:
  • Lauren Bancroft - a 35 year old UCLA trained doctor that wants to leave LA to practice medicine in a small town.  She answers an ad and accepts a position in Carsonville.
  • Trace Connor - a hard-working rancher and chairman of the town council of Carsonville.  He hires Lauren Bancroft to replace the former doctor in this isolated community.
  • Flynn and Cory McCullough - foreman at the Double Pines Ranch and married to Trace's sister Cory.  Flynn and Cory have a "traditional" marriage.
  • Maureen and Duncan Connor - Trace and Cory's adoptive parents.
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When Lauren Bancroft packs her things and drives to Carsonville, MT, she loves the little town as soon as she arrives.  It even has a Main Street.  When she finds her way out to the Double Pines Ranch, she meets Trace Connor to whom the ranch belongs.  There
is a huge house with a lodge feel, and these two people are  attracted to each other almost immediately.  Lauren tells us that Trace looks as though, "he stepped out of the old Marlboro man commercials."  I was hooked just a few pages into Chapter One.

There is definitely a small town feel to the opening of this book and a "Keep It Simple" message.  The city girl meets the country boy.  We soon get a hint that Trace is a traditional man who would only be interested in a traditional relationship.  He admits to himself that Lauren "was the kind of person you could spend a lifetime getting to know and enjoy unfolding every layer."  When Lauren leaves the door of her new office open, she learns the hard way, that "small town" doesn't necessarily mean crime free.  Trace delivers a stinging spanking to Lauren to be sure she remembers this safety lesson.

Lauren finally admits that it feels good to have someone care enough to actually spank her.  She came to Carsonville to pursue a change in the way she practiced medicine and to embrace the comfort and closeness of living in a small town with people she really gets to know.  She finds change in her relationship with Trace, too.  He expects her to be careful of her safety, and she learns to trust him.  When she does something reckless, Trace is a man of his word.  He is not afraid to spank her, but Lauren also discovers that erotic spanking can give pleasure, too.

When Trace asks her to join him, Lauren is excited to spend time in the wilderness up from the ranch.  This trip feels like the turning point where she finally decides that it is the right choice to take their relationship to the next level.  Sitting around a campfire, "they sat watching the canopy of stars overhead, so many that you felt like you could step from one to another."  I loved this quote!  The next morning, though, she forgets Trace's warnings about using
Love this Picture!
caution this far out from civilization.  When Lauren ends up lost, it is very lucky for her that he finds her so fast.  She realizes her luck has run out when she hears Trace unbuckling his belt.
When Lauren meets Trace's parents, she really starts to feel like part of a family and knows Trace wants to marry her.  Although she keeps expecting a ring, Trace gets her a beautiful Palomino mare for her birthday.  I truly LOVE that Lauren names her new horse Sunny!  

Sunny does it again!  Wonderful western story with enough twist and turns that you are sliding into a happily ever after before you know it.  Ella's favorite ending! 


  1. I don't know how or why, but this time it popped up on my blog roll today. Thanks again Ella.

    1. Yes, Sunny. This seemed to post correctly. So glad you caught it so quickly. I was oblivious! Much better. :)


  2. Love the review do such a wonderful job at reviews. This showed up on my reading list with no problem...might have been a formatting issue with the previous posting...blogger gets really persnickety with formatting. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. Next time there is a mysterious problem, I am consulting you first, Cat. I was totally baffled. I wrote to Sunny to tell her I finally copied the original post and put it up as a new post. Just deleted the original one. I lost all the wonderful comments by readers who had visited, though. Hope lots of folks give this good book the attention it deserves.


  4. I love your Agatha Christie type reviews! The beginning of your review is reminiscent of the beginning of her books. Remember?
    I loved this book! of course I love all Sunny's books!!!
    You are such a good lady to do these! I wish I had more time I would love to review books for my friends! It helps get the word out that these are great stories!

    1. Minelle, you are so sweet. Glad you like the reviews. Yes, I do remember the Agatha Christie books. You needed that for her stories, because there were so many characters to follow! Who Done It?

      I think I patterned the format more from what I taught my students both about analyzing a story, comprehending what you read, and writing a tight essay.

      Sunny's books are just plain easy to review. Hopefully the post introduces her to a few more readers every time they appear.


  5. You do such great book reviews Ella. Really make you want to read the books with such good descriptions. thanks you.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Thanks for visiting, Lindy. If you have not read this one yet, be sure to download a copy.
      When this review was reposted because of Blogger problems, the formatting changed. Don't know why. Still glad to hear you enjoyed the review.

      Sending Hugs Downunder,