Friday, February 24, 2017

Code Red

I know most everyone sends texts to their spouses, and most of the time texts offer some privacy to the couple.  If you want to include something very personal or suggestive, you can be fairly sure that only your partner is going to see it.  I do love the feeling that I can let Sam know I am thinking of him or finding that he is thinking about me.  The little glitch for us is that Sam does not text and more than that, he doesn't ever want to.  I will certainly send out an celebratory post, if he ever changes his mind.  I have dozens of bad-girl texts just floating around in my head.

However, we do email often as we are both still working.  And even if I don't have anything special to say, I am required to file my "Flight Plan" by 4:00 pm each work day so Sam knows when I am off work and if I have errands before I come home.   I do not forget this duty often, and if I do, a spanking will see to it that it doesn't happen again for a very long time.  Such a nice part of ttwd is missing him whenever we are apart.  Of thinking of him during my work day and smiling.  Of watching the clock and seeing how long it is until I am home again with him.  Feeling his arms around me and tucking my head into his neck.

At work, I am not at my desk for 8 straight hours.  There are many responsibilities that take me away from my computer.  But when I am working at my desk, I think of Sam often.  Since he owns his own business and works almost exclusively at his computer, email is an easy and quick way to communicate back and forth throughout the day even it is just about mundane or ordinary things.  "I am stopping at the grocery store.  Do you need anything?"

I am always very careful of what I put in emails from my workplace.  The medical facility at which I work would not smile upon unseemly messages.  That doesn't stop me though.  It's just more challenging when we want to say something personal.  It is quite common for us to use "code" words in certain emails.  Like many of you I am sure, we also code our ttwd lives verbally when we are with others.  I really find it great fun to have a spanking conversation while sitting with a bunch of friends or family and no one else understands our code. 

While I was perusing illustrations for this post, I stumbled across another research study!  This one would be more of what is called "behavioral" research.  

"Couples who use secret , just-between-us codes have greater relationship satisfaction than couples who don't," according to a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.  I read the complete article and discovered that our "code" talk is more than just fun.  Using nicknames and made-up language is an easy way to inject positive communication into everyday life.  In fact, it's probably the single easiest thing you can do to keep romance going strong.

So I started to compile a listing.  I should think that most couples both of the ttwd persuasion and those who are not, have more than one way to hint that they would appreciate some sexual attention.  It can be as simple as putting your hands on your man and asking if he would like to "fool around" or "play."  Really, sometimes the touch is all that is needed.  A bit of electricity about the skin contact. 

  •   "Mmmm..., I am really hungry," with a certain look in your eyes will be answered with, "Me, too."

  •   "So enjoyed Sunday morning.  Let's do that again soon!" means thank you for the great sex.  There could be a spanking acknowledgement included in this, as well.  

  •   Here's one I heard from a friend.  "Tired of the self serve pump.  Just not as good of service as my regular guy."

  •   When I kneel in front of Sam and start to unbuckle his belt or unzip his pants, I softly say, "I just want to say hello."  It is a perfect code to send earlier in the day.  It is amazing what the anticipation factor does for a blowjob.

Of course, if you raised children, you may have been using covert messages for many years.  Sam and I both used the phrase, "an executive lunch" to let each other know we were up for sex, especially when the boys were off at school.

There are some code phrases that most ttwd wives will recognize with no explanation.  I think I have heard one of these on almost everyone's blogs or in a story at one time or another.

  •  "We will discuss this later."
  •  "I think we can talk about this when we get home."
  •  "You are playing with fire, Ella."
  •  "In the bedroom, NOW."
Funny how such innocent words take on a whole new ominous meaning.  Then not so funny at all.  That is "Code Red" for sure.

Then there are happy meetings of his hand and my backside.  If there is a "Just because" in the text of what either of us write, it means there will be some "good girl" attention lavished on my bottom.  That always makes me smile at my monitor, even if there is a really boring staff meeting coming up in 5 minutes. 

From our early dating years and even once in a while all these years later.... the word "fiercely" meant we were so in love and felt such a passionate urgency, like we might crush each other just hugging.

"Practically perfect in every way," is a wonderful tease.  Sam rarely disappoints me with this one.  After an interjection such as "HA!" there is usually some spanky action in order.  

An old one that we still use when a topic seems to be a sore spot between us is, "Let's be friends," followed by some hugs.  Humor is the best way out of some differences.  We don't use this as often because there are really not that many disagreements anymore. 

Most days when I file my flight plan by email, I request that Sam "save me a seat."  That is code for I want to just sit on his lap and have him hold me a good long while.  And every single day, I sign my notes to him in a way that acknowledges he is my HOH and deserves my respect.

                                     Love you, mister,


                             Here's hoping some of you will share
                   a bit of your secret language with all the rest of us.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I think I am just going to blurt out the topic of this post and then follow up with my little story.  Although I have run across it in books occasionally, it is not something that has been discussed all that much in the blogs I follow.  So it really makes me feel a little embarrassed to actually confess, but there are times I really find I am curious to look in the mirror after a spanking.  

                                   Could not help but notice 
                               that the highlighted word above
                                   could easily be pronounced, 
                                          "I'm bare assed."

                Also, what happens when you get embarrassed?
                                     Your cheeks turn red!
                           Coincidence?  Mmmm......not sure.

There, I said it.  It is not like I run to the mirror after every spanking, but especially if I visit the toilet or am getting in the shower within a given period of time, I can't help but turn and take a peek.  There is just something fascinating about it to me.  It is the same fascination that makes me enjoy a photo that someone puts up on a post or causes me to smile and pause over Minelle's beautiful drawings.  There is simply something powerfully wonderful about a just spanked bottom.  I am fervently hoping that some of you out there will admit to the same feelings so I do not worry I have shared too much.

Thank You Minelle.  This is Exquisite !

There is actually a short tale that prompted me to think about writing this post.  I just had to get the hard part out of the way first.  Also, since the title of this post is likely to make you think of the story of Snow White, there is a connection to when your man turns your snow white ass to a pretty pink or red.  Just makes me smile.  I can't help it.

On Friday nights, Sam and I like to get the cleaning out of the way "pronto" so that our whole weekend stretches out before us with all the more unpleasant menial tasks completed.  We split the load and work quickly so that we can start enjoying our Friday evening.  Sam does the vacuuming, and I clean the bathrooms.  I was in the master bath area working on the mirrors, sink, and such when I heard Sam emptying the wastebaskets.  When he came up behind me, I was expecting him to grab the little silver bin next to the cabinet, but instead he grabbed ME from behind.

                "Hey, you, I have a bone to pick with you,"  he said. 

I could see his face in the mirror in front of us, and there was a big smile.  His voice was happy, too.  Whatever was going to happen was going to be fun stuff!

"What bone," I asked.  Sorry again, but my thoughts immediately go south to the crotch area, and I wonder if we are discussing a bone or a boner.  This is a brutally honest post.

               "You forgot my coffee this morning," Sam teased.

I do get up earlier than my husband at least 364 days a year, and I like to spoil him by having everything ready when he stumbles out of bed.  But once in a while, I forget.  He likes to tell me that he considers that having the coffee ready to pour is a wifely duty now.  Actually I think it is just an excuse for him to spank for fun.  Not that he ever should worry about a fun spanking.  I certainly have never said "Not now, Honey.  I have a headache."


So amid lots of touching and petting, Sam gets my jeans and panties down to the knee area and takes off on my bum.  Remember, we are still right in front of a huge bathroom mirror.  Even though we are talking a hand spanking here, Sam has mastered this variety of assault in the last year.  And on top of his hand connecting, he seemed to be landing each stroke with infallible accuracy.  There was laughter as well as squeaky little screams.

"I like this mirror thing," he laughed.  "My aim is incredible!  Besides your bottom looks so pretty in pink."

Well, he was enjoying the mirror, and I did not want to miss the show.  Think of it!  Have you ever had a spanking you could watch?  Fairly easily I could turn enough to look over my shoulder.  And, yes, indeed, my cheeks were a very happy pink and heading quickly to red.  Of course, I was still giggling.

Soon he let go and pulled me up for a kiss.  His hands were still on my bottom, and I felt thoroughly spanked and blushing.  

With one last whack,  Sam turned and left me saying, 

                                    "Back to work, woman!"

So you can see why I couldn't help but revel at my glowing backside in the glass.  I will tell you honestly that I certainly took my time getting those jeans back up.  Finally, it seemed that I should probably finish the task at hand.  But there was no sad sigh as I picked up the cleaning rag.  When is the last time you were scrubbing the toilet with a huge smile on your face?

I Know Why She is Smiling.

The old Brothers Grimm story was actually titled "Snow White and Rose Red."  Maybe there was a subplot there that I missed.  However the modern version of Snow White has her busily cleaning the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs.  Can you imagine what the toilet would look like with 7 little men peeing?! 

                           All I know is that my Prince Charming
                        is a great spanker as well as a great kisser.

                                   Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
                               Who's the Luckiest Wife of All? 

                                          That would be Me!
                               And Ella lived Happily Ever After. 


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Your're So Gay !

Last year for Valentine's Day, I shared stories of memorable February fourteenths that included ones from high school dances, special surprises for my boys, and right on up to bedroom celebrations with Sam.  Once I posted that one, I realized I had forgotten the funniest Valentine's story of all.  Guess it's strange that the story doesn't include Sam, except for how hard it made him laugh.

As a younger woman I was quite active in drama.  Even after high school and college, I continued with community theater and some paid roles at a local dinner theater.  The best director I ever worked for was a thoroughly lovable and totally ostentatious gay man.  I will call him Brian.  He became a dear friend over the years, and I so missed him when he moved out of state.

He always had a clear mental image of how he wanted a scene to look.  As he blocked out each act of the play with his actors, he would jump up to show you how he wanted you to move or a mannerism special to your character, or the body language he visualized.  Brian knew just the way he thought a line should be delivered, and I always maintained he could play any part, male or female, far better than his actors.  If it was a comedy, he would have us all in stitches when he chose to portray a woman character for our education and enjoyment.  He was a gifted actor as well as a director.

Well, Brian had given me the lead role in a British bedroom farce he was directing.  This was maybe my 3rd or 4th production with him, and we got along like macaroni and cheese.  It was a silly play about a fancy English woman who decides to have an affair because her rich husband does not pay enough attention to her.  The whole cast was great, and the actor who was playing my husband had also been cast as my husband in a serious drama several years before.  We all had so much fun together; it often reminded me of a group of kids away at summer camp.

Brian was not only a director, he was a hairdresser.  No surprise there.  Anyway, we did not have a large budget for costumes, and he told me we were going to a discount store to search for a short red negligee for several of the bedroom scenes.  The day we went shopping turned out to be Valentine's Day, and Brian decided we would go together before we went to rehearsal that evening.  When he showed up, he had dyed half his hair red and the other half pink.

When we arrived at Wal-Mart, everyone was staring at us, and Brian was as loud and crazy as ever.  He grabbed all the nighties he liked, and we headed to the changing rooms.  He sent me in with all the hangers and told me to come out to show him each one.  I begged him not to make me come out, but he was adamant.  He thought I would pick something too conservative.  So I came out of the dressing room at least 8 times to show him each outfit.  Let me assure you that I had on dance hosiery and undergarments as well.

So this very gay man with red and pink hair starts loudly telling everyone in that end of the store what he thinks of each and every outfit.  "Oh, my god, absolutely no one would fuck you in that one!  Awful!  Show me something else."  The crowd outside the changing room was growing every time I came out.  My face was as red as the nightie, but Brian could have cared less.  "We need one that shows more of your tits!  Throw your chest out."  I was mortified.  OMG.

 He finally chose one, and we were on our way.  I made him buy me dinner before rehearsal and told him that after the shopping
nightmare I really needed a couple of beers.  He said, "No, you need to give up beer for six weeks.  We certainly don't want you to have a beer belly in that outfit!"  I wanted to throttle him that night, but truthfully, I loved him dearly.  Best director I ever had!

In case you were wondering, there was unfortunately no spanking in this play.  It would have actually been quite appropriate considering the subject of this comedy.  However, if you have ever swooned when the beefy hero in a spanking romance scoops up the heroine to carry her to bed, I did get carried to bed by my "husband" in the final scene.  Seeing that the poor guy was a friend, and also that I had to wear that damn red negligee, I was careful not to gain a pound.  Sam knew Brian well and thought the whole story was incredibly funny.  His eyes did light up, though, when I brought home that little red piece of lingerie.  He certainly did not pick me up and carry me to bed, but I made sure he knew that he would always be my one and only valentine.  

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ella's Bookshelf - Cal's Law

As an English major, I have always been fascinated with the concept that there are really only 7 main story structures from which all others are created.  One plot that is quite familiar to most readers is the classic story of transformation, and probably the most recognizable example of this is Pygmalion.  Tracing the story structure to its origins takes us back long before George Bernard Shaw to ancient Greek mythology.

In Shaw's play, the professor of phonetics, Henry Higgins, wagers that he can turn a ragged flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, into a lady by teaching her to speak in a genteel manner.  Even though it was written to mock the English class system of his day, Shaw's work has been revisited many times since, most popularly as the musical, My Fair Lady.

The theme of transformation is at the heart of PK Corey's newest  book, Cal's Law.  In a manner of speaking, the author herself was undergoing a transformation since this newest book of hers was such a departure from her beloved (by me, especially) Cassie series.

Title:  Cal's Law

Author:   PK Corey

Number of Pages:   124

Themes:   Transformation, Societal and Class Division

Main Characters:

  • Cal Bennett - the sheriff of a small college town and only in his late 20's.  He has long suffered under a barrage of rowdy behaviors exhibited by the rich and privileged college students.  The sheriff is a hard-working and honest man who tests a theory about changing the values of one student in particular.

  • Jenny Anderson - a 19 year old, rich college girl who is really more interested in becoming a member of a snooty sorority than in getting an education.  Her disregard for responsible conduct in her interactions with other people and her studies brings her to a showdown with Sheriff Cal Bennett.

  • Kyle Gilbert - the preeminent "frat boy."  Kyle's shallow outlook on life is that money will buy him his life opportunities.  He shirks any responsibility and hopes to convince Jenny that her only goal should be to have fun.

Setting:   a small college town in the low country of North Carolina.

We are all familiar with the plot of a story slowly building toward a climax.  In Cal's Law, however, the author begins the book with a bold originating event.  The 2 central characters meet for the first time in such a novel way.  Cal catches Jenny after she breaks into his house as a sorority prank.  This is such a strong confrontation, and both characters reveal much about themselves and their values during this unique initial introduction.

The premise of the story is set in the very first chapters when Cal decides to offer Jenny an alternative to arrest and jail for her irresponsible behavior.  He lays down his own laws so that she understands from the get go that she will work for Cal, she will study for her classes, and she will be spanked.  He even refers to it as "parole."  And so the theme of transformation begins.  In Pygmalion , it is a bath for Eliza that begins her training  - her rebirth as a lady.  In this book, it is Jenny's first spanking that symbolizes the start of her journey toward a new life and a new set of values.

Even though Jenny is certainly spoiled, I liked her immediately.  Something changes for her even with that very first spanking.  Someone has cared enough to call her on the carpet, and it really feels right.  She begins to question her own behaviors and to recognize that working toward a goal, especially with Cal alongside her, fills an emptiness in her heart.  

I loved listening to her wonder, 

                         "How could it be that being spanked
          and knowing that a spanking was a very real consequence
                         if she messed up, could make her feel
          more like a real woman than anything else in her life?"

PK, this was a brilliant thought and a quote with which most ttwd wives would heartily agree!

Cal is a deep character with a clear picture of right and wrong, honesty, and work ethic.  He is almost ten years older than Jenny, and although he is very attracted to her, doubts that a relationship is possible.  Besides brooding about his age, he sees Jenny as part of a societal class that would look down on his job in law enforcement and a much smaller income.  This is also a common theme in stories of transformation.  Luckily he continues to provide Jenny with the structure to learn responsibility.

Jenny stumbles along this path, but Cal is steadfast and confident even when he spanks her.  "Jenny felt her body was a study in contrast.  She hurt so bad and felt so good in his arms."  Jenny grows to love his easy encouragement and complete forgiveness.  It seems that with each encounter over his knee, the attraction between the two of them grows stronger.

The character of Kyle has a presence through most of the book.  Like a little devil whispering in her ear, Kyle cajoles Jenny to stray from the bargain she has struck with Cal.  When she worries that Cal will ever care for her the way she wants, Kyle becomes a weapon to make Cal jealous.  As much as she wants Cal to see her as a woman, a distance grows between the sheriff and the girl, and Jenny is frustrated.  "They were still doing the same things but there was a wall between them.  She didn't know how to fix what had been broken."

The author has created another strong couple that rival Cassie and Tom.  There are plenty of opportunitys for further adventures and for Cal to lay down the law to Jenny.  Just as Eliza Doolittle emerges as a lady, not only in her speech but in her heart, Jenny is transformed into a young woman capable of loving both Cal and finally herself.