Wednesday, October 24, 2018

He Has Spoken

It's always so much fun to hear from the husbands.  So this post is dedicated to giving them a voice.  The following are questions to be asked of your dear man.  I expect that you will need to take notes when you conduct this interview.  If it helps, use a recorder to be sure you can retell his words.  I have done this with Sam and he had lots to say!  We laughed a lot, too.

                                                       Please feel free to skip any questions that do not apply. :)

1.  If you could be 16 years old again for a day, how would you spend those 24 hours?

Get up early in the morning and take Ella to see the sunrise on Lake Michigan.  Visit the Museum of Science and Industry - downtown Chicago.  Take the train.  Have lunch at the old Berghoff.  Hit a movie in Downers Grove and sit in the back row to make out.  Stop at McDonald's.  Bring Ella home and have a beer with her mom.

2.  Name one thing your wife could do for which you would spank her in a heartbeat.  If you don't spank your wife, tell us about something she does that you find very irritating.

Slamming doorsInstantaneously.  No question about it!

 3.  Is there a vacation destination or experience about which you have always dreamed?  Would you want to take your wife or do this particular trip on your own?

Ella and I already did it.  Normandy........  Well, maybe the old Indianapolis 500 or Watkins Glen.  With the racing regulations the way they were back in the 80's.  The old Can Am.  And I would take Ells if she were willing to go. Maybe Le Mans in France.  That would be fun.  It's a 24 hour race.  It's cool.

4.  Tell us about something your wife does that has a childlike quality to it.  It could be something happy or silly or something else. 

Singing to herself when she's happy. "Dat da da da dum......"

5.  If you are a father, what was something that you did with your kid(s) that brought you a great deal of happiness

Fishing was always fun.  With the two boys doing their little comedy show.  An all day affair.  "The great white whale.....Moby Dick" (laughter). Fishing in Michigan and Colorado.

6.  Do you see your wife as submissive?

Now and again but not consistently.  But we always rectify that with a little hand talk.  After a talk with Mr. Paddle she is most submissive.  It grounds her.  Puts things in perspective.  Ella loses perspective when she gets wonky.

7.  Which of you is the most outgoing?

Ella, easily.  By far.

8.  What is an outdoor activity that you enjoy?  
     An indoor activity?  (besides sex!)

Outdoor - Shooting.  Long range shooting.  Target shooting.  Focus - it's like golf.  It's like zen.  Like mindset.  Clears your mind.  Zen is the best way to say it.

Indoor - Reading war books with Ella at our favorite pub on a Saturday afternoon.

9.  What's the greatest car that has ever been built?

Cobra Mustang. ...427.  500 horse power. Four-speed transmission. Hurst shifter.  It was the Bullitt Car, basically.  Like in Steve McQueen's Bullitt movie!

10.  Do you like to shop for your own clothes or do you prefer that your wife do that for you? Or is the Internet the best way to shop?

Wife - by mutual agreement.  I don 't like to shop. But I do sometimes because of the pick.  Ella picks flashy clothes sometimes.  Not me.  And I don't like alligators on the pockets! The Internet will point you in the right direction - I've used it for jeans, belts, coats. 

Just Say No

11. Think about movies you like.  Are they usually ones that you and your wife both enjoy?  Or do your tastes run far from what she usually likes?

We have intersections of ones we both like.  That match.  War movies, historical stuff, political, some mysteries.  And then a whole bunch in the middle.  Ones Ella likes that I don't and ones that I like that she doesn't.  But after that, no!  No chick flicks!  And I know she hates Terminator, Walker - Texas Ranger, John-Claude Van Damme.

This is a Sam Favorite.

This is an Ella Favorite.

12.  When you are away from home, what do you miss the most?

 My lady........and my "dawg."  That's it.

Hope that some of you will give this a try with your guys.  Sometimes we only hear of them in posts as the spankers.  There's lots more to know, I think.  It seems silly, but I am most anxious to learn about their opinions of the "greatest car" ever.  Have fun!   


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Once More for Good Measure

After a truly wonderful vacation across the pond, we came back to a disaster at our house.  A flood caused by an inept roofing company and a heavy rain came through our ceilings in 4 rooms destroying drywall, insulation, and carpet.  Luckily Son #1 knew exactly what to do and took care of hiring a reputable (albeit slow) restoration company.  The stuff that was not salvageable was removed.  The furniture in the affected rooms was piled in safe corners and covered in plastic. 

I knew ahead of time that the damage was substantial, but I just was not prepared for the reality of walking into a war zone.  Especially after over 27 hours in airports and on planes with no sleep.  Sam always says I am a wonderful person in a medical emergency.  I stay calm and do what's needed.  He also knows I do not do well when there's something big wrong in my house.  It also seemed like everything was covered in a thick coating of white plaster dust, even the rooms that had escaped the disaster.

The damage was bad enough that our insurance company had already offered to put us up in a hotel for the duration of the repairs, none of which could be started until it was determined that the new roof was actually watertight.  But we had already been in hotels and lodgings of some type for 4 weeks.  We wanted to be home with our dog.  And, believe it or not, the kitchen and the bedrooms were spared.  Just nowhere to sit down!

Jet lag was not my friend either.  We went to bed totally exhausted but I woke up 4 hours later.  For a second I forgot about the mess, but then the reality set in.  I honestly did try to get started on cleaning the white dust off everything in the kitchen so we could stock the fridge.  Also started some laundry.  There was plenty of that.  But I was tired and sad and felt so down that I just began to close off from everything and everybody.  Including Sam.  I did the tasks I usually do when we return from a trip, but the spark wasn't there.  I was not talking and went through the motions like a robot.

Sam tried to reassure me that things would be right again soon, and I would nod and try to hug him back.  But the days went by and nothing changed.  No ceilings and a filthy concrete floor where my living room used to be.  Not able to sleep through the night.  The only thing that did change was that I started to get angry.  Angry in a snarly sort of way.

It reminded me of a time very long ago when our home was burglarized.  I was SO, so angry that someone could violate our house - our space.  Screw up our lives and probably never even get caught and punished.  When the policeman asked us would we want to press charges if they arrested the guy, I rode right over any response Sam might have had.

                     "You're damned right I would!" I answered firmly.  
                               Of course, that was before TTWD.

And that's the same way I became about this STUPID roof contractor whose house was probably just fine!  Mouthing off and swearing every other word.  Sam told me to let the insurance company take this guy to court.  They would take him down over this mess. 

       I, however, said, "I'd rather skewer that asshole with a rake!"

Sam just looked at me for a second with his mouth open and finally stood up.

"That's enough," he said calmly.  "In the bedroom."

Well, one helluva spanking followed.  The paddle was out and I was over the bed.  And both Sam and Mr. Paddle did a lot of

  • About not getting mopey
  • About not losing my temper
  • About picking a better attitude
  • About staying positive
  • About staying patient

It was a doozy, and I finally cried.  All the frustration and anger was released, and I couldn't stop crying even when the spanking was over.  Sam hugged and comforted me.  We would get through this together.

I did feel much better.  Well, except for my bottom.  Next morning
I woke up early and felt better than I had in 4 days.  Made the coffee and kissed Sam before I got in the shower.  Did all my lotions and combed out my hair.  Suddenly Sam was behind me in the mirror.

He took my hand and I could tell he was in a spanking mood.

"But, Sam, you already..........."

"I know," he said, "but I believe a little reinforcement wouldn't hurt."

I was pretty sure it would.  I frowned and protested some more, but this time he sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me over his knee very gently.  No implement.  Just Sam's hand.  And just hard enough to keep my attention.  He said he wanted his house back just as much as I did, but more importantly, he wanted his Ella back.  Happy and chatty and with a sense of humor.

                                   Funny how TTWD works.......

                                              Ella was back.


Monday, October 8, 2018

Sam Meets Johnny

This was finally the year Ella got her dream holiday across the pond!  Healthy and happy. A whole week with Ami and Dan in their beautiful village.  Dear friends in so many ways.  A whole week in London.  We traveled all around the city by Tube, double decker buses, black cabs, and our tired feet most of all.  Then over the channel for a week in Normandy.  Four full days with a guide who was fabulous.  His stories and the sights we saw made all the D-Day history we have read come alive.

Pointe de Hoc

Of course, one of the highlights of the time in London was a girls' lunch with the English "contingent" as I like to think of them.  I found a nice pub near a Tube station, and we even had a small function room with a bit of privacy and quiet to talk.  Rosie and Ronnie were there.  Jan couldn't come (getting ready for a wedding,) but Ami came on the train with Dan.  Sam was delighted to have some male company for the afternoon.


When everyone had something to drink, out came the gifts.  It seems most of us have run out of spanky gift ideas, but everybody who came had lovely little things chosen with love.  Ronnie wasn't done, however.  Out came a lightweight flat package for me.  When I picked it up, I could feel the shape, and I gave a knowing look to Ronnie.  Yep, I was right.  It was a Loopy Johnny. 

I had seen pictures of one before but never held one, that's for sure.  Intimidating.  Did I catch a little smile on Ronnie's face?  It had a leather handle and intertwined cane loops.  Not very long at all, but it had a rather wicked aura.

When Sam and I returned to our hotel that evening, I laid out the gifts on the bed.  It took Sam all of 10 seconds to spot what was to be the newest addition to the toy box at home.

"What's this?" he asked, picking it up.

"It's called a Loopy Johnny," I answered.

He whacked it across his palm.

"Wow," was all he said.

The next morning we were up early.  Sam had several meetings with a brokerage in The City financial district, and I was off for a day on my own that included Liberty of London and the Tate Britain.  While I was choosing something to wear, Sam sat on the edge of the bed and motioned me to come over his lap.

"I want to try this, Ells," he smiled.

I thought the smile was a good sign.  Sam got me all arranged and gave a few tentative swats.  I appreciated his temerity.  But then he seemed to gain his confidence.

"It's quiet,"  he said.  

Sam doesn't usually spank at hotels, but the swats suddenly had a little more swing behind them.  When he was satisfied with the color of my bottom, he set it aside and began to explore down there with his fingers.

"Oh, my," I said a little breathlessly.

"Get the lube," was all he said.

As I rummaged in among the toiletries for the Astroglide, I thought this was going to be very special.  After all, we had never had a threesome before.

                                      Sam, Ella, and Johnny

                               Our First..... Ménage á Trois

                             Thanks, Ronnie!